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Balaam's Error

By Michael J. Webb


It all begins when Paul Kingman, son of the world-renowned archaeologist Benjamin Kingman, finds a cache of ancient parchments left to him by his recently deceased father. Thrown together with a beautiful young artist, Gabriella McDaniel, daughter of a powerful Senator many believe witll be the necxt President, Paul finds himself strangely drawn to her. When Gabriella's missing brother, Nathan, unexpectedly shows up, he brings some bad news about their father. Most disturbing is a possible link to the wealthy and sinister Vaughn Aurochs, a man who has shown more than a casual interest in Gabriella's art--and Paul's parchments. Into the mix comes the mysterious Yuri ben Rapha, a figure of imposing stature and glorius appearance. A secret agent of God, he has a crucial role to play in the earth-shaking events which are at hand.
Here is a compelling tale of cosmic powers at war, the supremacy of love, and the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ--with millions of lives at stake.
Balaam's Error, sequel to The Master's Quilt, is the seocn book in the Giants in the Earth Trilogy, exciting supernatural thrillers spanning two millennia.

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