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Trouble Up Finny's Nose

By Dana Mentink


Two gruesome discoveries, her dead husband's secret novel and a body in Finny's town square nearly push Ruth to the edge of her sanity. A crazy kaleidoscope of characters such as the uptight gallery owner, Napoleon Prinn; half-baked Dimple Dent, writer of fortune-cookie wisdom; Alva Hernandez, octogenarian newspaper boy; and Monk, the amorous town caterer, add to the chaos in the shadow of Finny's nose, until Ruth finds herself in the ultimate do-or-die situation.


"This is a great read and it is hard to know who the culprit is in this book untill the last. I don't think I ever knew what Finny's nose was supposed to be but I have another in the series so I am sur"
- Edna on May 24, 2010

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