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Captive Dreams

By Cara C. Putman


With the war that rages in Europe landing at the Goodman fields with the arrival of German prisoners of war, Anna Goodman fears the war will destroy what’s left of her family.

Her mother is dead, her father has given up on life, and her brother, Brent, goes missing in action in World War II. Even though she has a full-time war job, she feels she must keep the family farm going so that Brent will have something to come home to. She won't let herself think that he might never return. Any dreams Anna has for her future are held captive by the responsibilities the war and life have thrust upon her.

If only Anna didn't have to rely on help from German prisoners -- or from Specialist Sid Chance, the cocky know-it-all who oversees the prinsoers' work. In her heart, she knows she can't do everything demanded of her, but whom can she trust to carry the burden with her?

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book because I love homefront stories from World War Two and was fascinated by the idea of prisoner of war camps dotting Nebraska and other midwestern states. I had no idea they existed! Created all kinds of conflict to work into the story. But it's a romance at heart.


"Based on the POW camp during WWII by Kearney, Nebraska - Anna works packaging parachutes while trying to hang onto the family farm with help from the POWs, help her dad doesn't want. Can she hang on?"
- Janna on September 11, 2009

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