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Spy of Richmond

By Jocelyn Green


“When living a lie is the right thing to do.”

The Confederate capital in the height of the Civil War: no place for a Union loyalist. But just the place for a spy. Her father a slaveholder, her suitor a Confederate officer, and herself an abolitionist, Sophie Kent must walk a tightrope of deception in her efforts to end slavery. As suspicion in Richmond rises, Sophie’s espionage becomes more and more dangerous. If her courage will carry her through, what will be lost along the way—her true love, her father, her life?

Spy of Richmond is a work of fiction inspired by first-person accounts of Union loyalists and Confederates living in Richmond during the Civil War. This is the fourth and last book in the series Heroines Behind the Lines: Civil War, which offers an inside look at women’s contributions during times of war. For more information about the series, visit

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes convictions have a cost. Will we follow ours no matter what we may lose?

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote Spy of Richmond to show the amazing courage and sacrifices made by Southerners who were committed to the cause of freedom.


"As the Civil War sizzles emotions, Sophie Kent and Harrison Caldwell spy for the North while the South falls and they fall in love."
- Cassandra on March 11, 2015

"Jocelyn Green closes her Heroines Behind the Lines series with another incredible novel that transports the reader to the midst of the Civil War. Impeccable research, rich prose. Superb book & series."
- Linda on March 11, 2015

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