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Interview with Valerie Hansen

With over 70 books published, Valerie Hansen is a veteran writer, yet still looks forward to new twists and turns. She currently writes for Love Inspired Suspense and is celebrating the release of a new book in new series!

Welcome, Valerie. What was the inspiration for Fatal Threat?
I come from a family of Emergency Responders, both prior generations and those coming after. It’s in my blood! My kids were both firefighters and EMTs and my daughter went on to become an RN while my son continued with the fire department and eventually became a Battalion Chief.

Which character in Fatal Threat was the easiest for you to write, and why? Which was most challenging, and why?
I think portraying the heroine’s guilty feelings were the hardest for me since my joy and peace in God is pretty solid. I had to teach her and bring her through to that place in this story. Easiest? Nothing is easy.

How did God change you during the writing of Fatal Threat?
He is changing me all the time, every day, although often it is subtle. This book forced me to recall some difficult situations in the past and deal with feelings I might not have handled as well before.

What does your writing routine look like, if you have one? What obstacles or challenges do you face in making time to write?
Funny you should ask. If I have a contract I am like someone obsessed. Without a contract, I tend to drift. It’s a weird quirk of my mind and not always welcome, although it does allow me to apply myself and power through when necessary.

As you look back on your journey to publication, how did God open those doors for you? What did you learn from the process that you might go back and tell your younger Writer Self?
My younger writer self was a different person. She was too stubborn and scared and floundering to do what I do now. But she learned. I learned. Some of the lessons were harder than others! Looking back I can see the preparations the Lord took me through and why it was necessary. The future is always a surprise, no matter how many books I have written and sold. (over 70!)

What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you as a writer?
Funny? That’s kind of objective but I do recall a few humorous events, mostly involving civilians who had no idea how impolite and critical they were being. After a while I developed a sense of humor about it and a few comebacks that brought smiles.

Once, at a fancy business dinner for my husband’s employer, the fire service, I was seated next to a pompous equipment salesman who was showing off for a lovely lady. When someone else mentioned my books (I never bring it up in such situations) he laughed and snidely compared me to Jessica Fletcher of TV series fame. I joined in his laughter, then said, “You’d better hope I’m not like her or somebody’s going to die.” Everyone at the table roared – except him.

What do you do when you’re not writing?
I play with my 3 dogs and during the summer I garden. I love flowers and growing tomatoes in warmer weather. I’m also active in church, of course. Believers are my family.

How can we pray for you?
Always, always pray for the physical wellbeing and the families of Christian authors. The better we do for the Lord, the greater the attacks against us. And, as I suggest in my other “Emergency Responder” series books to come, please pray for those involved whenever you hear a siren or see an emergency vehicle. I started doing that when I had loved ones onboard and still do.


Amanda Wen is an award-winning writer of contemporary inspirational romance. Her contest wins include first place in the 2016 ACFW First Impressions Contest, the 2017 Great Expectations Contest, and the 2017 Phoenix Rattler Contest. Also a professional cellist, Amanda has been spotted onstage with the worship team at the ACFW Conference. A lifelong lover of the flatlands, she lives in Kansas with her husband and their three adorable Wenlets. Amanda is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency.

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