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Interview with Terri Reed

Terri feels blessed to be able to share her stories and her faith with the world. Besides being a multi-published author, Terri has lived in Italy, had a stint as a metropolitan model, and coached gymnastics. When not writing, she devotes time to her family, an Australian Shepherd and a feisty Llaso/Bichon mix who thinks he’s a as big as sister. Terri’s newest book is The Cowboy Target, a romantic suspense story.

Terri, please tell us a little about The Cowboy Target.
This is the fourth book in my mini series the Protection Specialists. Each book focuses on the bodyguards of the Trent Agency. In The Cowboy Target we follow female bodyguard Jackie Blain to the wilds of Wyoming from the city of Boston after she receives a call from her uncle asking for her help in proving his employers innocence in a murder case. As an ex-sheriff’s deputy, Jackie is no stranger to murder investigations, so when she meets rancher and single dad Wyatt Monroe and hears the facts of the case, her instincts say it's a frame job. It becomes clear quickly that whoever is trying to ruin Wyatt’s life also has targeted him to die and it's up to Jackie to protect him and his little girl. Both Wyatt and Jackie have trust issues they must overcome if they are to have a happily ever after. This is a story of redemption and hope, proving that God’s sovereignty and love will never fail.

I read somewhere you loved Nancy Drew mysteries and gothic romances. How did you come to write about the West? Did you travel to Wyoming?
I have never been to Wyoming, though I sure would like to see that part of the county. I chose Wyoming for the setting after reading an article in a travel magazine about the state and became intrigued with the Snowy Mountain Range. I liked the idea of a ranch and a handsome cowboy to offset spunky Jackie Blain, who has appeared in two of the other Protection Specialists books.

And yes, I love Nancy Drew. I always wanted to be her growing up. I even have the red hair like she did!

What is the most difficult aspect of writing a novel?
Staring at the blank page, just waiting for the words to come. Because I don’t like the blank page, my first draft is written as fast as I can. I make some silly mistakes and take some wrong turns in the process, but once the story is out of my head and onto the page then I can go back to clean it up and polish the final product before submitting.

What or who most inspires your writing?
Hmmm, good question. I find inspiration in many forms and from many sources. Sometimes a story will come to me during a church service, something the pastor says will spark my imagination. Sometimes a story will come from news articles or from pictures in a magazine. Sometimes I dream the story; it unfolds like a movie in my head.

Share with us a favorite reader experience.
I love when readers write to say they have enjoyed a book. But the biggest kick is when a reader will say the end came as a surprise to them. Sometimes the ending comes as a surprise to me, too! The end in The Cowboy Target was not planned. I had plotted it differently but then the characters took the story in a new direction and I followed.

Has success as an author helped you overcome your self-described shyness?
Yes, in some ways. Writing is something I can talk about with passion and not feel self-conscious. But what has helped me the most to overcome my shyness is my faith. By stepping out of my self and shifting my focus onto God, I’m much more self-confident and bold.

Please complete this sentence by filling in the blanks: If I were a musical instrument, I'd be a _______________ because _______________________.
If I were a musical instrument, I'd be a flute because the music they make is pleasing and subtle and upholds the melody but doesn't take over.

Any parting words?
I've been privileged to be a part of the 2013 continuity series from Love Inspired Suspense. My next book, Scent of Danger, will be out in May.

Appreciate you sharing with us, Terri!

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