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Interview with Susan Sloan

Rescuing Rose hits shelves this month, and it’s the first in a new series entitled, “Rescued Hearts of the Civil War.” Congratulations! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Tell us about yourself. What should we know about you?
I just had a birthday, so I can say, "I'm making my debut at 72." How's that for a "dream deferred?" I've been writing since grade school and published my first article at 18 in a periodical put out by my denomination. While working various jobs and managing my family, I continued to write and publish articles sporadically in local papers and church journals. I wrote my first full-length novel at 39, but I grew discouraged with trying to get it published (this was before the Internet) and gave up on it. Retirement gave me the time to write and try again.

What do you love about your POV characters?
Rose tries to make the best of her situation and to help others, even though her actions sometimes rub people the wrong way. Noah is a by-the-rules officer who tries to reconcile his duty with his compassion for those in his path.

What message do you hope readers take away from this book?
With Christ in our lives, we can face any adversity that comes our way and know that He is using it to refine us and bring good things into our lives.

How did you come to write in multiple genres? Do you plan to continue in each genre? How do you juggle writing and marketing in multiple genres?
I started doing articles for church periodicals and local newspapers as a contributing writer and thought that would be the extent of my writing career. I did write a few short stories over the years but never thought I could produce a full novel. Then I was seized by a lesser-known biblical character whose story I wanted to tell, which I wrote in nine months. It never got published, but it proved to me that I could write more lengthy books. My little non-fiction books on my website grew out of a ministry and business endeavor that I wanted to share. I also write children's stories for my grandchildren, but those are just for fun.

What are some ways you discovered your story ideas and characters?
I love to start with a real person or incident and let the characters tell me their story. This Civil War series starts with a little-known event that turns people's lives upside-down. Each of the three books focuses on different characters who are thrown together through unusual circumstances and how they deal with the upheaval.

How do you discipline your time to write (schedule, etc.)?
Being retired, I have the freedom to write almost any time. The key for me has been getting in a group, such as the ACFW critique loop, which provides accountability to keep writing and also hones my skills.

Reflecting back, what do you see as most significant to your publication journey?
Attending conferences where I've met so many people who encouraged me and pointed me in the right direction. Also, joining ACFW and Word Weavers because those groups have been instrumental in my progress. Besides getting feedback on my writing, they have provided opportunities to meet other writers, editors, and agents who have assisted in my journey.

Bonus question: Finish this sentence: “Every author should, or should know…”
Every author should read outside as well as inside the chosen genre and be open to feedback. We grow when we are nourished (by reading) and pruned (by critique).
Terri Thompson is an author, foodie, nature lover and philanthropist. She loves walks along the beach at sunset, dancing in the living room with her grandchildren, the beauty of flavors expertly combined, and the joy of words creatively knit together to bring truth to life. She blogs about writing, life and inspiration at To learn about the non-profits supported by the H. G. Clay Foundation go to

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