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Interview with Stacy T Simmons

Stacy’s life is full of love. She has a loving husband, she loves her students and her many pets, and she loves reading and writing about love. (Maybe this interview should have been published on February 14). Stacy writes, “uplifting fiction that delights the reader’s romantic sensibilities.” She works as a special education inclusion paraprofessional by day and an author by night. Her book, A Promise for Faith, book one in the Briar Creek Love series, released January 18 of this year.

What inspired you to write for your audience/in your genre? How did you know this genre would be right for you?
I read many contemporary romance novels before deciding to write. There was a tug in my heart to explore the opportunity to become a writer, and with many prayers, I dove into beginning a story. My interest lies in making readers smile and bolstering their faith. Romance reading fits both of these things very well.

What do you love about your POV characters?
Faith is a strong, grounded person who knows what she would like to do in life and whom she'd like to spend it with. She's not perfect but far from it, which is only more endearing to me.

Caleb has a kind heart for others. He's a lot like my husband, strong in his faith and desire to help others with an open heart, which are qualities I absolutely love about my husband.

What makes them interesting or unusual?
Faith has seen the culinary world. It was so much fun to vicariously live through her as I wrote the story. As an avid Food Network fan, it was a lot of fun.

Caleb is adventuresome and multi-focused with his work and home life, some things which many of us want to accomplish as well. Life needs to be a good balance of work and play.

What message do you hope readers take away from this book?
No matter what may be happening in their lives, wonderful positive things or heart-wrenching, life altering changes, Jesus is with us. Have faith in Him.

Reflecting back, what do you see as most significant to your publication journey?
The years of waiting to be published. Our writing community is such a supportive and encouraging place to dwell. It built up my faith during the wait, as well as the list of persons I’d consider friends.

How have you discovered your story ideas and characters?
An idea sparks from some tidbit I see on a show, hear in a song, or see in daily life. A Promise for Faith’s setting is North Carolina, as it’s a place we absolutely love to visit.

How do you discipline your time to write (schedule, etc.)?
As a full-time educator, I make sure when I’m home I divide time between family and writing. The weekends are focused on writing time with some fun thrown in for good measure.

Do you have any quirky habits or special snacks that help you focus your writing time?
I’ll listen to music which has a driving beat (Marvel) or soft melody (The Theory of Everything soundtrack, for example). It all depends on what I’m writing at the time.

Tell us about yourself. What should we know about you?
Well, I’m a wife and mom to two grown daughters. I’m a SPED-inclusion paraprofessional during the day and writer at night. My favorite place to be is either on the beach (I’m a native Floridian) or in the mountains. I’m a Disney fan, and I love to go to the parks. We have so many pets--a dog, two cats, and a former FFA grumpy show bunny. And I absolutely love reading, coffee, and chocolate, but am not ambivalent about tea either.

What did you learn along the way to publication that made it click for you? Or had the biggest impact on your success?
To relax while writing, get the story down on paper, and don’t try to edit the first go around. It gives you the “grace” to write all the story and some extras. More to work with, not less. Support from family and friends has helped me along this writing journey--and lots of prayers.

BONUS: Finish this sentence: “Every author should know to go easy on themselves and enjoy the process.”
Terri Thompson is an author, foodie, nature lover and philanthropist. She loves walks along the beach at sunset, dancing in the living room with her grandchildren, the beauty of flavors expertly combined, and the joy of words creatively knit together that bring truth to life. She blogs about writing, life and inspiration at To learn about the non-profits supported by the H. G. Clay Foundation go to

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