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Interview With Robin Bayne

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 42 and have been married to a wonderful man for 14+ years. My stepson is 22, and his claim-to-fame in high school was paying me back for all the trouble I gave my own parents at that age. I’ve published 5 novels and 3 novellas with 2 small presses, along with a variety of short stories, articles and devotionals. I’m also a Contributing Writer for the "Spirit Led Writer" e-zine.

The "day job" is in the mortgage department of a small savings bank; my darling husband is the other member of my department. We have worked together for the past 20 years.

2. How many years have you been writing?

My earliest recollection of creative writing is from the second grade–I composed a haunted house story on that elementary school-lined paper, using a fat pencil. My mother still has the yellowing original. After that, I didn’t get serious about writing until I graduated from college in 1995. I had been attending on weekends while working. Suddenly I had free "study" time, so I decided to experiment with different types of writing. I also worked with my husband to edit/publish a small-press literary magazine, called "Robin’s Nest," for two years. From that experience I gained a true respect for the editor’s job.

3-4. How much time to you spend writing daily? Do you set daily goals for your writing?

I am definitely a "part-timer," and try to write something daily but often fail. Word or page count goals don’t work for me. I’ve been known to write a novella in a few days or in a few years. I enjoy reading so much that sometimes that takes over for an evening. I have an Alpha-Smart unit, so I have been known to wander away from my desk and write in odd places, usually with my dog Peppermint Patti pawing at the keyboard to help me type. She’s a Lhasa Apso, or as I call her, "Lhasa-trouble." But I love her.

5. Where do you write?

I have a lovely "office" off of our family room, with a desk, bookshelves, credenzas, etc. that we purchased from a mortgage company that went out of business. When I get tired of sitting up straight I take to the sofa–with pen and paper or the Alpha-Smart.

6-7. Do you plot or not? Do you edit as you go?

Yes. Actually, I’ve been known to write both ways. I’ve tried Randy I’s "Snowflake" method, I’ve used index cards, and I’ve started writing by the SOTP method. Most often I jot an outline on notebook paper and go from there. I like to edit every chapter or so as I go, I don’t think I’ve ever rushed through a first draft without looking back at all. Re-writes take as long as they need– or as long as I have to complete them.

8. How does your Christian walk influence your writing?

It has totally changed it! My first novel was a Civil War time travel, and I wrote other contemporary (steamy) and paranormal stories after that. I am very fortunate, I believe, that these books were published by a small press and I don’t have to worry about walking into a used-book store or outlet mall and seeing them still for sale. Now I want everything I write to glorify God, as best I can with my humble talent. I’ve also been led to write devotionals and true short stories for anthologies, something I never thought I would write. I’ve made great new friends who believe as I do, and that makes the sometimes-isolated writing journey a pleasure.

9. What was your biggest obstacle regarding getting published?

The thing that sticks out in my mind was about my first published book, the time travel. My editor liked the story but thought it should be longer and more involved–she asked me to add 20,000 words to the (currently 80,000) story. That was a challenge!

10. Any advice for beginners?
Read everything you can, especially in the genre you choose to write.

Don’t be afraid to attend classes and conferences, and don’t feel rushed to submit your work before it’s ready. Most importantly, don’t forget to pray. :)

Visit me at and my blog at Writing Between Sundays. My current project is compiling a handbook for writer’s based on Bible verses and quotes.

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