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Interview with Patricia Bradley

Honoring God through her writing is top priority for this Mississippi Writer.

With an array of contest wins to show she’s a serious romantic suspense contender, and two published books, Patricia Bradley divides her time between writing, public speaking and potting . . . pottering . . . puttering . . . claying . . . Patricia?
I call it throwing—for more than one reason. When I first started, sometimes I would get so frustrated with the clay that I would throw it out the open door to my pottery room. However I think the official term is potting. See why I call it throwing?

What do you do with that wheel of yours besides plotting your next romantic suspense?
I make one of a kind (meaning I’m not good enough to make two alike) mugs, vases, bowls…I also mix my own glazes from recipes.

Your current release, A Promise to Protect, is the second book in your Logan Point series. What is the theme of the series (or why did you choose it)?
The theme of the series is that all Christians struggle with something. Except for the fourth book, all of my hero/heroines have been Christians for a long time. I actually had a reader email me that she struggled with the same thing Leigh struggles with—rejection by her mother—and that reading A Promise to Protect showed her how to deal with that rejection. She said reading the book changed her life, and even her family’s life. And that’s why I write.

A Promise to Protect sounds intriguing due to the book blurb hint about past secrets. Since the first book in the series, Shadows of the Past, also involves the past, will the next book in the series follow suit?
Yes, the third book, Gone Without a Trace, deals with the past, albeit a more recent past. It’s Livy Reynold’s story. She’s the Memphis Police Detective. In Shadows of the Past, she mentioned that her cousin Robyn has been missing for two years, so the reader will find out what happened to Robyn. :-)

Can you share an experience of your recent attendance at the Writer’s Police Academy?
The Writer’s Police Academy was a great writing tool! I wish I could have registered early enough to get in on the shooting range. But I really learned a lot from watching the demonstration of blowing a door off its hinges and the First Responder demonstration. Great information on how they work a wreck. I also got to see Sandra Orchard get handcuffed.

What’s the view from your favorite writing window?
When it’s not too hot or too cold, I sit on my deck where I can see birds feeding in my back yard and humming birds flitting around my Rose of Sharon bushes.

What do you think makes your style of storytelling unique?
That’s a hard question to answer. I believe every writer’s past brings uniqueness to their stories.

Is romantic suspense the only genre you chose to write?
No, I also write contemporary romance. My first one came out in September—Matthew’s Choice.

Finish this sentence: The last item I threw on my pottery wheel was...
...a set of twelve mugs, none of them matching except for the glaze.

Any parting words?
Thank you so much for hosting me. And if you are a writer, don’t ever give up. It took me more than 30 years to get a book published because I didn’t have the resources writers do today. Because of the Internet, unpublished writers can connect with other writers, writing groups, mentors, access writing books…the possibilities are endless.

Thanks for sharing with us, Patricia!

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