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Interview With Martha Rogers

A Riverwalk Christmas is an anthology of modern romances which share the setting of Christmastime along the San Antonio Riverwalk. Of the four novellas in A Riverwalk Christmas, which one is yours and how did you come up with the story?
My story is Key to Her Heart. I’d had the idea floating around in the back of my mind, but it was set in New England. When this opportunity arose, I adapted the story for Texas. It too is a story of forgiving the past, grabbing the present, and letting God take hold of the future. Christmas is a perfect time for families to reconcile their differences and forgive each other for any hurts that were caused in the family. It’s the miracle of the love shown in God’s great gift of Jesus Christ that makes a difference in our lives.

Did you have a fiction project waiting in the background while writing and releasing your non-fiction?
Fiction was always first, but the non-fiction was selling, so I concentrated on that but had the fiction waiting for my return.

With all your grandkids and speaking engagements, how do you balance writing time with your other responsibilities?
I’m not sure because I am very unorganized, but with the Lord’s help, I seem to get everything done.

How do your faith and spiritual life play into the picture and affect your storytelling?
All my stories are based on experiences I’ve had with forgiveness and reconciliation. Forgiveness was a tough lesson for me to learn, and God has used it in wonderful ways woven into my stories.

What do you consider the greatest moment of your writing/publishing career?
When Tamela called to say that Strang was interested in my historical to launch their new fiction line, my heart overflowed with happiness and thanksgiving for answered prayer. The extra three books for the contract were a serendipity. God gave me much more than I ever dreamed could be possible.

By your own admission, you’ve been writing since you were eight. Who/What spurs you to write?
Stories in my head and heart that won’t let go until I write them down. Of course, encouraging words from my agent and writing pals help too. Knowing that my words could touch someone’s heart and change their life gives me more incentive to write about God’s love and mercy for His family of flawed children.

What do you think makes your style of storytelling unique?
I tell stories the way I talk and tell stories to others. They’re just me. I also try to get into the skin of my characters and think like they would and act like they would still drawing on many of my own experiences.

Reflecting back, what do you see as most significant to your publication journey?
Personally, having DiAnn Mills take me under her wings and mentoring me. She introduced me to ACFW where I learned so much about the craft of writing. Spiritually I asked the Lord for guidance and He puts the words in my mind and heart and then they flow onto the paper.

Finish this sentence... If I had an extra ten minutes a day, I would spend it … with my wonderful grandchildren if possible. If not, then I’d write.

Any parting words?
I recently signed a five book contract for a new series which will debut in the summer of 2011. The first book is Summer Dream.

Thanks for sharing with us, Martha.

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