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Interview with K.M. Daughters

The writing team of Pat Casiello and Kathie Clare have sixteen published novels in the genres of sensual romantic suspense, sweet inspirational romance, contemporary romance, speculative fiction, and mainstream fiction. According to ACFW’s Fiction Finder, Rose in the Desert is speculative fiction with a plot line covering prophecy, faith, and miraculous events, along with an abundance of human frailties.

Welcome, Pat and Kathie. The book blurb for Rose in the Desert mentions Anna Babic Robbins traveling to Las Vegas, along with three other women. Is this a sequel to Anna Babic in your previous book, Rose of the Adriatic?
Kathie: I wouldn’t call this a sequel, but it explains the messages that Anna has received in the previous books. It is a stand alone novel.
Pat: It’s also a different genre than the previous romance Adriatic and Gospa Journey books, where Anna is introduced as a secondary character, and in Rose of the Adriatic as a central character and a romantic heroine.

Would it be helpful for a reader to know your other “Anna” books such as Jewel of the Adriatic, Left at the Altar, and others?
Pat: Of course, we would love readers to sample all our books. But reading the previous five novels/novellas: Jewel of the Adriatic, Rose of the Adriatic, Left At The Altar, Just The Way You Are and Resurrected Love, that tie into Anna’s role in Rose In The Desert, isn’t necessary in understanding Anna’s mission.
Kathie: I think Anna is explained completely in Rose in the Desert, but readers might love exploring her visitations with Our Lady and her unusual love story in Rose of the Adriatic.

How did you choose a small Croatian village for Anna’s background?
Pat and Kathie: Valselo is loosely based on the Croatian village, Medjugorje, in Bosnia Herzegovina, a contemporary Marian apparition site.

An author note on one of your books states, “Our visits to historic and contemporary Marian shrines, Fatima, Lourdes, and Medjugorje strengthened our faith and inspired these faith-filled stories in the fictional Adriatic village, Valselo.” Did the story idea(s) come from the pilgrimages, or was it a result of them?
Pat: The strong desire to write about what we experienced in Medjugorje was firmly planted in our hearts while on pilgrimage there. At the time we were unpublished romantic suspense authors. After our pilgrimage, we set our WIP aside and began writing Jewel of the Adriatic.
Kathie: Right, in record-breaking time. We felt that in traveling on that pilgrimage we were answering Our Lady’s call. We had no idea we were called to write six books as a result. By the way, Jewel of the Adriatic was our first published novel fulfilling our dream as writers.

What’s your biggest challenge writing as a team?
Kathie: We agree that our biggest challenge is figuring out which of us wrote which chapter after we’ve completed a manuscript. We alternate writing chapters in our WIP’s and Pat keeps the master manuscript combining our two voices - which she does flawlessly. Even our children and husbands can’t tell who wrote what.

How often, and by what communication method do you use most for plotting?
Pat and Kathie: Always in person while walking and talking and walking and talking. When we feel we have brainstormed character profiles and backstories, action points and know exactly where our story will go, we write a plot map chapter by chapter and then alternately assign a P and K to each.

How does your faith affect the events in your stories?
Pat and Kathie: Our belief in Christ and devotion to Our Lady influences all of our stories, regardless of genre.

What do you think makes your style of storytelling unique?
Kathie: We are lucky to have two points of view to combine into a unique voice and also to combine our strengths as writers.
Pat: I see our characters as I write and Kathie hears them. I think that helps us create three-dimensional characters and hopefully word paint for our readers so that they can see and hear the same way as we do. Also, we have Irish roots. Both our grandparents on our dad’s side were immigrants from Ireland. We’re emotional storytellers. Plenty of blarney.

When do you celebrate? When a book is finished, or on release day?
Pat and Kathie: We always read a finished manuscript aloud in person across the table from each other and celebrate THE END together with a gift for each other. We have identical charm bracelets with an engraved book charm for each title finished. Each time we reach the last word, we’re in (happy) tears.

Any parting words?
Pat and Kathie: Thank you so much for having us today. We begin our Celebrate Lit virtual book tour on August 15th and would love all to join us around the net to chat and for a chance in a giveaway. Blessings everyone and please stay safe.


Anita Mae Draper's historical romances are woven under the western skies of the Saskatchewan prairie where her love of research and genealogy yields fascinating truths that layer her stories with rich historical details. Anita's short story, Here We Come A-Wassailing, was a finalist for the Word Guild's 2015 Word Awards. Her novellas are included in Austen in Austin Volume 1, The American Heiress Brides Collection, and The Secret Admirer Romance Collection. Readers can check out Anita's Pinterest boards for a visual idea of her stories to enrich their reading experience. Discover more at and

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