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Interview with Janelle Mowery

Janelle Mowery has a goal to create stories that take her readers on an adventure, to explore historical turning points, and to travel through the present treasuring each moment.

When not writing, she prefers reading and visiting historical sites.

Rosa is subject to an abusive stepfather who keeps her mother isolated. Abusive relationships always take a toll on those victim to them. How does Rosa free herself from her stepfather’s grasp?
With the help of a friend, Rosa moves to another house to get away from her stepfather.

How do you deal with the violence of such a relationship, particularly as a woman in the 1830s?
The only way Rosa could fight back was to leave, get away from his presence, to protect herself.

I love when Rosa says, “Battles scare everyone, child. You can’t run from conflict.” How does Rosa find the strength to fight the abuse and the issue of betrayal?
At first, Rosa is angry and bitter, but with the help and advice from a friend, she finds strength through her faith in the Lord.

How did you do the research for your novel?
I was in contact often with the curator of the Alamo museum. He answered or pointed me in the direction to find the answers to my many questions. I also read and watched some documentaries about the Alamo.

What would you like readers to take away from your story?
I wanted to show in my story that we can treat others with love and respect despite our differences.

If you could travel to any era in history what would it be and why?
This is such a difficult question as I’d love to experience so many different eras, but I think I’d most like to travel to the period when the westward movement truly began. I know the travel and new life was incredibly difficult, but I’d love to see what the country was like before changed by the effects of man.

What is the difference between an inspirational novel and a romance novel?
An inspirational novel doesn’t necessarily have to have romance in the story. It’s mainly an uplifting story with a spiritual theme. A romance novel will obviously have a man/woman relationship that progresses.

Thanks for sharing with us, Janelle.

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