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Interview with Jamie Carie

After half a dozen historical romances set during the French Revolution, Yukon gold rush, and early America, Jamie Carie’s latest novel, The Guardian Duke, delves into the brief Regency era.

Jamie, do you see yourself writing more Regency set novels, or is there another historical period you’d like to uncover and add to your growing list?

I love the Regency era so I can see myself writing in that time period again for sure. I’m currently playing with a non-specific historical time with a fairy-tale setting feel to it. Oh, and I have a growing fascination with steampunk (Victorian time period). I need more time in the day to write everything I’m interested in!

What image do you want projected when readers hear or see your name?
One of my book covers with the words “great inspirational fiction” coming to mind.

The Guardian Duke, is the first book in the Forgotten Castles series. Having used a castle in at least one previous novel, do these fortresses fascinate you?
Yes, I can feel the centuries of stories leaking from the stones. Oh! You just gave me an idea! Maybe I should tell a story from the perspective of a castle. Seeing all the families coming and going over the life of one castle - that would be so fun and interesting!

What is the Forgotten Castles series about?
The Forgotten Castles Series is a three book series that follows amateur sleuth, Lady Alexandria Featherstone, as she travels to Ireland (book one - The Guardian Duke), Iceland (book two - The Forgiven Duke), and Italy (book three - A Duke's Promise) in search of her missing parents. Full of adventure, romance and mystery the three books sweep readers across Europe in pursuit of a famed invention. Along the way, Alex develops feelings for her guardian - the brooding Duke of St. Easton, who has recently suffered a physical blow that is changing his life. Gabriel thinks of his new charge as an unwanted complication in a time when his life is coming apart at the seams but soon comes to cherish her letters and admire her faith. Their journey will be fraught with danger as they come ever closer to God’s plan for their lives.

Your YouTube channel has a variety of videos including book trailers, and several videos which show you either laughing or finding joy in something. Do your books show your humorous side?
Oh, thank you! I am a happy (dorky?) person! I think The Guardian Duke and Pirate of my Heart show glimpses of my humor. I have a contemporary story that should come out in 2013 and it has some hilarious (at least to me) scenes. It will be fun to see how readers react to it.

You posted a cooking blooper reel on YouTube. Is a cooking video for The Guardian Duke in the works?
That would be fun! My mom is a great cook and I love cooking with her. We could do some Irish recipes. I’m part Irish on my father’s side so maybe it will come natural to me. ☺ I’m open to suggestions for Irish recipes.

Reflecting back, what do you see as most significant to your publication journey?
Persistence and faith. God wouldn’t let me give up even though I tried many, many times.

Revealing Secrets of the Kingdom One Story at a Time… is your website tagline. How do your faith and spiritual life play into the picture and affect your storytelling?
Growing up, my family had teaching tapes playing in the background all the time – and I mean almost constantly. This really ingrained the Word of God into me and has made understanding the Bible easier than if I had not had such training. (Many of these teachers were deep theologians). That’s not to say I don’t have to study now, I do! But having that kind of upbringing has, I hope, made the faith elements in my novels feel organic and, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, helped to reveal the hidden treasures of God’s kingdom.

What do you think makes your style of storytelling unique?
I think it comes down to “voice.” I have a distinct voice and strong characters that stick with people (or so I’m told☺). Even though I jump around with my time periods and settings you can tell a Jamie Carie book within a few paragraphs. The hope is finding more and more people who like my voice and grow the readership.

Fill in the blanks: If I could own a castle, it would be the…
Killyleagh Castle in Killyleagh, County Down, Ireland because it is one of the places my characters go to in The Guardian Duke and I have gotten to know some of the wonderful people who actually live there while researching my book. And because it is breathtakingly beautiful!

Any parting words?
Thanks for the great interview and I love being a part of ACFW!

Thanks for sharing with us, Jamie.

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