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Interview with Blossom Turner

You’ve already published several romance novels. Can you tell us what’s different about your stories from those of other romance writers?

I like writing outside the box, more than boy-meets-girl or fluffy romance. The characters need to be realistic because we live in a world where bad things happen, so each novel deals with a difficult theme where the individuals find hope in Christ. I offer readers a clear way to find salvation for themselves. Also, I’ll show a little bit more of the romance because Christians aren’t immune to emotions of love, whereas many romance stories just fade to black and are bland.

What are some of the themes you deal with in the Shenandoah Brides series?

In each novel, one of the five sisters deals with a difficult circumstance and eventually, how to resolve it biblically. Themes vary from grief, abuse, learning to love, a rebellious spirit, self-image, and giving up plans to accept what God has given. As Jesus taught through parables, I want to write for Him and touch lives. We know that marriage isn’t always easy, and I weave in how loving is a choice. We often mess up, but God redeems us and shows how we can learn through principles in 1 Corinthians 13.

In Gracie’s Surrender, do you see yourself in her character. If so, how?

This definitely has been my life. I had ideas about how my life should go, as does Gracie. I had to learn not to tell God my plans, but to embrace what He has for me. I argued and fought with God before learning this.

Tell us about Gracie’s story.

She is strong willed and though she could have almost any man she wanted, Gracie is determined to avoid marriage and follow her own path. She hears about the plight of orphans whose parents died while immigrating to the U.S., and once the children disembarked in cities like New York and Boston, they had nowhere to go. With the backdrop of the Orphan Train in the 1850s and on, Gracie wanted to do something to help these children find new families in the West who needed help with their farms. Meanwhile, she meets Matthew, a man who shares her goals. She learns that God can surprise you when what one imagined is not what ends up being.

Please share with us how your writing journey began.

I started attending writing conferences and bought recordings of the workshops I was unable to attend. I had a great imagination, but needed to study the craft. A mentor told me, “Don’t be afraid to learn how to write. It doesn’t just happen.” I didn’t begin with novels. I wrote newspaper articles and short stories.

What has been the highlight in your publishing career?

My greatest moment was getting my very first contract. Somebody actually wanted my work!

Do you have challenges in balancing life and writing full time?

Yes! My older relatives need a lot of help, so that keeps me busy. Also, I’m an avid gardener and always want everything to be neat and look perfect. It brings me such joy seeing God in nature. It’s spiritual, therapeutic. The Lord has brought a lot of people into my life whom I’ve ministered to during their difficult times because I can share what I’ve learned. Sometimes I have to drop what I’m doing and help them. After all, what is our writing if we don’t meet the needs of those around us?

What literary character in the books you’ve read is most like you?

I can’t say I’m like her, but I aspire to be like Hadassah, the main character in Francine Rivers’ Voice of the Wind. In spite of her hard life and difficult challenges, she struggles to remain close to God.

What are you currently reading?

Heidi McLaughlin’s Fresh Joy, a Christian non-fiction book, and I absolutely love it. I’m also reading two romance novels that were finalists, along with me, in a contest. Border Breach by Darlene L. Turner is a mystery, a genre I normally don’t read, but I can always learn from other authors, and I want to see how they deal with the Christian message.

Last thoughts?

Our lives are fuller and richer because of the people in our lives, so let’s ask, “What is our writing if we don’t meet the needs of those around us?”
When traveling for a month through Turkey in her 20s, Floss Craig had no idea she would use those memories as backdrop for her writing decades later. That visit, a trip to Israel in 2015, and lots of research, gives geographic and cultural context for her Biblical history stories. In addition to writing two books, fascination with women in Scripture also inspires her blog applying life lessons for today from the ancient past. After raising six children in the Philadelphia area, Floss moved to Colorado in 2018 and enjoys hiking, reading, Bible studies, time with friends, and best of all, hanging out with grandkids. You can find more information on her at: and

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