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Reynold James Conger

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After 30 years in industry as a scientist and engineer, I taught school for 8 years. Now fully retired, I write fiction as a retirement career. I write with a Christia world view, introducing Christian characters into my stories. Most of my stories attempt to teach the reader some Chrisian doctrine.

My wife and I live in rural New Mexico, where we run, garden and hike. Our children are grown and have careers of their own.

I am trustee of my church. My wife and I both teach Sunday School.

Books by Author

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Chased Across Australia

Chased Across Australia was specifically written as a secular thriller, but it was written from a Christian perspective. I expect it to sell well on the secular market because the story has human interest, danger and action. The hero and heroine are being chased by terrorists. Both the protagonists…

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