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Traci Tyne Hilton

Author Bio:

When not writing I knit socks, and accompany my mandolin loving husband on the spoons.

I’m also the author of the Tillgiven Romantic Mysteries, the Mitzy Neuhaus Mystery Series, and the Plain Jane Mystery Series. I was the Mystery/Suspense Category winner for the 2012 Christian Writers of the West Phoenix Rattler Contest, and have a Drammy from the Portland Civic Theatre Guild. I recently served as the Vice President of the Portland chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association for two years.

I have a degree in history from Portland State University and still live in the rainiest part of the Pacific Northwest with my goofy family and two small dogs.

Books by Author

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Killer Honeymoon

Love, honor, and investigate murder. After a stressful wedding full of surprises, Jane and Jake head off to a quiet honeymoon on the Oregon Coast where they receive a gift they hadn't registered for: a corpse at the cottage. The little town is scared and vulnerable, as several teens have recently run…

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Spoiled Rotten Murder

A missing groom, a dead gamer, and a woman who had the nerve to design a popular video game. A case of possible insurance fraud turns into a bloody mess for Jane Adler and her new boss at the Senior Corps of Retired Investigators. But the good news is Jane Adler has gone legit. As an intern for SCoRI,…

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Bright New Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery (The Plain Jane Mysteries) (Volume 3)

Homeless preschoolers, angry protesters, frozen yogurt, and murder. Jane Adler is keen to try on her detective hat, and the dead lady at the Christmas fundraiser is her perfect shot. Timing is everything and this murder was timed perfectly to destroy her best friend Jake's growing Fro-Yo business. He's…

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Health, Wealth and Murder

Popular prosperity preacher Josiah Malachi teaches that God will make us healthy and wealthy, so why is he dead with a knife in his back? Jane Adler, housecleaning college student with dreams of the mission field is tired of solving crimes by accident, so she’s enrolled in criminology classes at Portland…

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Dirty Little Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery (The Plain Jane Mysteries) (Volume 2)

College student and housekeeper Jane Adler dreams of being a missionary but the road there is littered with corpses. Jane found the most recent body floating in the hot tub at her newest client's house. The dead guy was a notorious flirt and carouser. Had his romantic shenanigans gotten him killed?…

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Hearts to God: The Hearts to God Series (Volume 1)

Orphaned as an infant, Madeline Snow grew up in the Shaker community—the perfect place to learn reverence, hard work, and a love for God that surpasses the need for an earthly family. But the difference between what the Bible says and what the Shakers taught was too much for Madeline, so when she…

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Good Clean Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery (The Plain Jane Mysteries) (Volume 1)

Hardworking and hungry Bible school student Jane Adler cleans houses to make ends meet. But finding the money to pay for the last semester of school is the least of her problems when she uncovers a body in her boss's bed.

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Dark and Stormy: A Tillgiven Romantic Mystery

The students at Tillgiven Bible School in Brunn Vatten Sweden have a bad case of cabin fever. But their antics pale compared to murder. Snowed in by a blizzard, roped in by guilt, Isaac and Dani are called to help catch the killer and save the reputation of the school--all before the traditional Christmas…

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Hard to Find: A Tillgiven Romantic Mystery

Isaac Daniels' Sequel to Bright, New Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery! Isaac Daniels screwed up his romance with Jane Adler, and then a few more. Starting over at a Bible School in Sweden probably wasn't the best idea. Especially when he manages to lose the pretty girl with the big green eyes, her crazy…

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