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Sharon Kirk Clifton

Author Bio:

Sharon Kirk Clifton calls
herself a “Purveyor of Magic Beans and Seeds of Truth.” She is passionate about writing, especially for children. UP A RUTTED ROAD released in May 2013 and THE SECOND CELLAR in July 2014. She’s writing a third, THE DADDY LETTERS.
A professional storyteller and workshop presenter,
she blogs and is a
contributing writer on ACFW-Indiana's
Hoosier Ink. She also teaches third and fourth
grades at her church. Her résumé includes nine years as an award-winning newspaper feature writer, eleven years as a classroom teacher (English and gifted/talented), and children’s librarian. She is recipient of the Lilly Teacher Creativity Fellowship, Frank Basile Emerging Stories Fellowship, and Indiana Arts Commission/National Endowment for the Arts' Individual Artist Project Grant, as well as three storytelling commissions.

Books by Author

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The Second Cellar

How could Leah’s dad dump his only daughter with an aunt she doesn’t even know—who lives in rural Indiana, of all places? Ugh! Aunt Becky has spent her life running all over Africa and Asia on some kind of a secretive mission. But what? Things look up when Leah discovers a hidden ladder leading…

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Up a Rutted Road

CAMIE McCAIN had never met a hermit, not till Claude shows up smack-dab in the middle of Aunt Charlene’s old-timey kitchen. Camie reckons Uncle Glen is the recluse’s only friend. Off and on that summer, she spies Claude in the most unlikely places, but he vanishes before she can catch up to talk…

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