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Sylvia Anne Nash

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Sylvia A. Nash lives in West Tennessee. She holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts with a major in English and a minor in philosophy. In another life, she taught high school English. Now she spends part of her time wrestling the stories in her head onto paper and part of her time chasing down the stories of her ancestors. Nash is currently a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. To learn more about the author or her books, visit her website at

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William's Cry, An Enid Gilchrist Mystery (#4)

When genealogist Enid Gilchrist is asked to unravel the family mystery surrounding a seventy-year-old baby blanket, she is intrigued. She expects the project to be a short one that will in no wise interfere with her long-awaited marriage to Chief of Police Patrick Mulhaney. When her short project unravels…

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The Missing Manuscript, A Millicent Anderson Mystery (#3)

Two murdered coeds. Two southern campuses. Does more than coincidence connect them? For philosophy professor Millicent Anderson, nothing is more important than her students. When one of them is murdered, her efforts to investigate across two campuses put her at odds with the college, the police, and…

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Martha's Gift: An Enid Gilchrist Mystery (#3)

When genealogy director Enid Gilchrist agrees to help Diana Evans trace her family history and uncover a family secret, she cautions her about potential consequences. When DNA test results reveal a second secret, their search takes them from Tennessee to Mississippi and Arkansas, where they discover…

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Mama's Secret: An Enid Gilchrist Mystery (#2)

Genealogist Enid Gilchrist thought she was going to help patron Maude Everly keep a promise and uncover a family secret. Now as she and Maude search through the contents of a generations-old dower chest, they discover clues to more family secrets, troubling secrets from the Civil War years that someone…

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Rx for Retribution

When two small-town doctors are murdered under similar circumstances, police suspect random act of violence no longer applies. Their discovery that each man lost a patient because of medical negligence strengthens their suspicion. Dr. Ellen Guthrie has struggled most of her adult life with the issue…

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The Book of Secrets: A Millicent Anderson Mystery (#2)

Someone had a secret to kill for. Now the secret keeper is dead, and the Book of Secrets is missing. Grief turns to fear and suspicion as six childhood friends try to protect their secrets and avoid the consequences of choices they made years ago. The task of protecting their lives falls to Millicent…

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Benjamin's Ghosts: An Enid Gilchrist Mystery (#1)

     Benjamin Alexander dug into the past to uncover its secrets. His housekeeper guarded his secrets with her life.      Now Enid Gilchrist must draw on her years of experience as a genealogist to duplicate that search and protect those secrets while she unravels the clues to crimes whose consequences…

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Big Sisters: With Little Sister Woes and Wonders

Sisters argue. They also make up. Sometimes one of them gets scared. Sometimes a big sister has to overcome her own fear, and sometimes she has to help a little sister overcome hers. (Note: This is not a picture book. It is a good book for an older sister, third to fourth grade, to read for herself…

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The Missing Calico: A Millicent Anderson Mystery (#1)

When Assistant Professor Millicent Anderson determines to help her childhood friend and colleague, Will Pollard, prepare for an interview at a major university, she has no idea how difficult or dangerous a task it will be. She soon realizes that to help him, she must stay ahead of a cunning villain…

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