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Nancy Elizabeth Casady

Author Bio:

N.E. Casady loves writing about the intricate tools of time and relationships in Time Assignment. Having worked in university environments for over 10 years, she has longed to create a way to help others contemplate God’s nature outside emotional or intellectual experience. Drawing from her husband’s PhD research, her years in different academic departments, and her study of Scripture, she crafts a story of adventure through both the physical and spiritual realms.

N.E. Casady lives in Washington State with her husband and two children. Coming to Christ through a job in a Christian bookstore has kept her heart close to the ministry of Christian fiction. She dreams of writing more books so she can share the truth with others, encourage fellow believers, and minister to people she may never meet this side of eternity. She and her husband love being active in their church family and the Whitworth University community, where her husband works as a professor of biology.

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Time Assignment

A seam in time has started to unravel. Dr. Paul Edwards, an archaeology professor at Oxford University, has been on many interesting adventures, but none have filled his longing for significance. While returning from Dubai, he is reunited with an old family friend who reminds him of the life he turned…

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