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Bonnie S. Calhoun

Author Bio:

Bonnie S. Calhoun is Owner/Publisher of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and Christian Fiction Online Magazine. As Northeast Zone Director for ACFW, she was named ‘2011 Mentor of the Year.”

She is an a social media junkie, and teaches Facebook, Twitter, and HTML. Bonnie and her husband live in a log cabin on 15 acres in upstate area of Binghamton, New York with two cats who consider humans as wait-staff.

Books by Author

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Lightning: A Novel (Stone Braide Chronicles)

After she found her real father, life for Selah should have felt settled. But the horrors have just begun. In her broken world of toxic earth and tribal clashes, Selah must battle the forces of nature alongside those in the Mountain who are calling for her blood. Haunted by the pain of mounting losses,…

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Aftershock: A Stone Braide Chronicles Story

Selah may have escaped the Mountain, but the real danger has only begun It's been two days since Selah Rishon Chavez escaped the Mountain with her father and dozens of other Landers who had been held captive there. Now it's time to move on to safety. But no one can agree on a safe route or even the…

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Thunder: A Novel (Stone Braide Chronicles)

In post-apocalyptic America, Selah Chavez is crouched in long grass on a shore littered with the rusted metal remnants of a once-great city. It is the day before her eighteenth Born Remembrance, and she is hunting, though many people refuse to eat animal flesh, tainted by radiation during the Time of…

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Tremors: A Stone Braide Chronicles Story

In this gripping prequel to Thunder, unsettling secrets change Selah Chavez's life forever in the days before her 18th Born Remembrance.

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Pieces of the Heart: Quilts of Love Series

Cordelia Grace watched Bernard Howard, the love of her young life, go off to fight for our country in WWII. And she has spent the last three years creating the Pine Cone quilt that will grace their marriage bed when he comes home. Each row of triangles signifies a layer in her life, sets of memories,…

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Cooking The Books: A Sloane Templeton mystery

After her mother dies from a heart attack, Sloane Templeton goes from Cyber Crimes Unit to bookstore owner before she can blink. She also "inherits" a half-batty store manager; a strange bunch of little old people from the neighborhood who meet at the store once a week, but never read books,…

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