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Jonathan Wakefield

Author Bio:

Jonathan Wakefield has always loved thrillers that pack an emotional and philosophical punch. Combining this with his intrigue of the cultural impact of the reality-show industry, Jonathan thought it would make a fascinating story to thrust a Christian into a reality show featuring a diverse cast of strong characters and forcing him to react as the show is taken hostage and turned into a battle for survival. And so his debut novel, FATAL REALITY, was born.

Jonathan, an IT professional, holds a degree in Biology from the University of Richmond. A Craftsman graduate of the Christian Writers Guild, he has trained under authors Jerry B. Jenkins, John Perrodin, James Scott Bell, Jeff Gerke, and Douglas Hirt. Jonathan’s short stories have appeared in The Rose & Thorn and The Messenger, and he has written articles for various magazines and journals, including New Man, Men of Integrity, Live, The Gem, and the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Jonathan lives in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife and two sons.

Books by Author

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Fatal Reality

IN THIS RACE ONLY THE WINNER WILL BE ALLOWED TO LIVE. When media celebrity Kyle Borders wins a spot on Extreme Mortality, the biggest reality show ever, he’s determined to use the opportunity to live out his faith before the worldwide audience. Daniel Vats, the show’s creator, has never killed anyone,…

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