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Deborah Lynne

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Deborah Lynne has been writing since 1987, published since December 2007. Besides the Samantha Cain Mystery Series (bk 1 - BE NOT AFRAID, bk 2 - TESTIMONY OF INNOCENCE, bk 3 - THE TRUTH REVEALED, and bk4 - AGAINST HER WILL); she has a stand alone romantic suspense - CRIME IN THE BIG EASY, s stand-alone mystery - HIDDEN SECRETS, and a couple of stand-alone romances - AFTER YOU'RE GONE, ALL IN GOD'S TIME. and PASSION FROM THE HEART, she now has a non-fiction, a 365 day devotional God led her to write two years after her husband's passing. Through her reading of the Word daily, God filled her with encouraging words to help Lynne move forward in life. He then encouraged her to share those words in a one year devotional - GUIDANCE FROM THE LIGHT. After it was finished and published, He led her to write her first Young Adult fiction - CHASING THE LIGHTS. She hopes its the first in a series for teenagers to enjoy. It too was released in 2017. Book 4, as mentioned above, AGAINST HER WILL released in 2017 was long awaited for. When God brought her through her sorrow & loss, she came out writing one book after another. She loves the life God has her walking through and hopes to bless all who read her books, with great stories...not always with a happily ever-after ending, sorry to say, but with a satisfying ending.

Books by Author

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Chasing The Lights

James Cooper Parks, Coop to his friends and loved ones, is the editor of the school newspaper. The big news, unfortunately, hits too close to home as two of the three boys who have disappeared go to his school. This makes for good copy, but it's a little too personal as far as Coop is concerned. The…

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Against Her Will

Samantha Cain is still moderately new in the world of private investigating. Is she out of her depth when she takes on a dark hidden world that she knows nothing about? She couldn't say no to Mark, the man who saved her life. Abby, Mark's niece, has gone missing while on her senior trip to the Caribbean.…

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Guidance from The Light

Guidance from The Light is a 365-day devotional God poured into my heart to share with you. After 43 years of marriage my husband went on to be with the Lord. Moving forward in my life was harder than I ever thought possible. Losing Scott left me devastated. I spent my days delving into God’s Holy…

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Hidden Secrets

Where did she go wrong? Nicki Petrelli’s once-perfect marriage has become a living nightmare as her husband Tristan grows increasingly abusive. Nicki stays, believing that her love and faith can get through to Tristan and make things right again. But she doesn’t know how much longer she can survive…

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All In God's Time: (Re-released)

Meagan Phillips believes her time has run out for love. She turns thirty-five on her next birthday and believes she's destined to be single forever. In her professional life Meagan is fulfilled...but is that all there is to life? As a traveling x-ray technician, she journeys all across America. After…

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After You're Gone

Ten years ago he stole her heart...then crushed it. Now she's gazing into his blue eyes again. Dare she hope that things could turn out differently this time? The day Malila Vasquez, curator of The San Francisco Institution of Art, has dreamed of has finally arrived. She s worked hard to see the new…

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The Truth Revealed - BK3 of Samantha Cain Mysteries

A missing child? No, two. Will the new private investigators be able to find time? Samantha, Greg, and Margaret start their own business: a private investigating service. A hot case lands in their lap. A member of their congregation--a little boy--has gone missing. Shortly after they start…

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Crime in The Big Easy

A killer's on the loose to solve the trail of crimes. A determined reporter and a stubborn detective will have to work together...even if it kills them. As John and Taylor join forces to stop the killing spree, they find their desires shifting in ways they could never have imagined.

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Testimony of Innocence -BK2 of Samantha Cain Mysteries

Samantha Cain already has enough to deal with--including the death of her husband three years ago and raising her son by herself. Then six months ago, Matthew, her fiance and police detective, was killed in the line of duty. Now two plain-clothes officers are at her doorstep. Her boss, Ken Richardson,…

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Be Not Afraid-BK1 of Samantha Cain Mysteries

A scream pierces the darkness.... Samantha Cain isn't the type of woman who gets unnearved easily. After all, she's the widow of a policeman and a single mom. Now she works the midnight shift, all alone, at a large trucking terminal close to the Mississippi River. One night she hears a strange rustling…

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