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Betty Arrigotti

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Betty Arrigotti had finished a Master of Arts in Counseling but wanted to use her writing compulsion to help more couples than she could as a counselor. Her first novel, Hope and a Future, grew out of a collection of her favorite psychologists’ advice for building stronger marriages. It was only after the first draft was completed that she recognized herself in each of the characters. Perhaps you will see yourself or your loved one in them, too.

Betty grew up in Montana and has called Oregon her home for many happy years. She’s been happily married more than 30 years and is particularly proud of her four daughters and how they are leading their adult lives.

Each Lent Betty sends a weekly email called “Four Minutes For Growth” to a growing audience. Her topics have included Four Minutes For Marriage, Four Minutes Before Marriage, Four Minutes For Hard Times, and Four Minutes For Joy. She invites you to visit her website and blog at to access the series.

Books by Author

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Miriam's Joy!

What would happen if Jesus’ mother Mary took a walk in your neighborhood? Who might she help? In Miriam’s Joy!, grief immobilizes Jacquie Perdue, an investigative journalist, after her baby dies of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Convinced her husband and her God are to blame for her daughter’s…

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Where Hope Leads

Marjorie Gloriam, a widowed and empty-nest marriage counselor, never expected to fall in love with Colm McCloskey, a visiting Irish professor. But now their hearts yearn to be together. Marjorie hopes to convince the handsome Irishman to move permanently to Oregon so she can continue to live near her…

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Hope and a Future

When Marjorie Gloriam is thrown from the saddle, only Colm McCloskey, a man terrified of horses, sees her head hit the rail. She’s a marriage counseling professor who can overcome everyone’s loneliness but her own. He’s a man of letters who longs for more than words on a page. Mired in grief,…

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