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Kelly S. Irvin

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I'm the author of the Every Amish Season, Amish of Bee County, New Hope Amish series and the Bliss Creek Amish series with Harvest House Publishing. The Beekeeper's "Son received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly which called it "an intricately woven masterpiece." The novel was an ECPA bestseller and a finalist in the ACFW 2016 Carol Awards.

Other books in the series include The Bishop's Son and The Saddle Maker's Son.

My novellas are included in two anthologies: The Amish Christmas Gift and The Amish Market Place.

The New Hope series, Love Still Stands, Love Redeemed, which was a finalist in the ACFW Carol Awards in 2015, and A Plain Love Song, set in Branson, MO.

The Bliss Creek Amish series includes To Love and To Cherish, A Heart Made New and Love's Journey Home. I've also penned to romantic suspense novels published by Five Star Gale and available in libraries.

In the works is a new four-book series, Every Amish Season, with Zondervan. The first book, On a Spring Breeze, debuts in April 2017. Two more novellas are also on the horizon for 2017.

I'm a native of Kansas and graduated from the University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism. I worked in border towns such as Laredo and El Paso, Texas, before marrying photographer Tim Irvin and moving to San Antonio where I began second career in public relations. Tim and I have two children, now young adults,proud grandparents of two grandchildren. I also enjoy writing short stories and poetry.

Books by Author

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An Amish Christmas Wedding: Four Stories

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Peace in the Valley

After a devastating wildfire sweeps through her town, one young Amish woman is shown a different way to practice her faith . . . but pursuing it could cost her everything she holds dear, including the man she loves. Nora Beachy is caught in the middle. She’s been content to live a simple life in West…

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Closer Than She Knows

A serial killer bent on revenge . . . and striking too close to home. Teagan O’Rourke has always loved murder mysteries. In her job as a court reporter, she has written official records for dozens of real-life murders. She’s slapped evidence stickers on crime scene photos. She’s listened to hours…

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Over the Line

“YOU HAVE SOMETHING WE WANT. WE HAVE SOMETHING YOU WANT.” Gabriella has never forgiven her former fiancé, homicide detective Eli Cavazos, for breaking her heart. Then a man she’s never met shows up at her restaurant, a bullet in his chest and her brother’s name on his lips. Gabby soon realizes…

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An Amish Reunion

Their True Home by Amy Clipston When Marlene Bawell moved from Bird-in-Hand ten years ago, she was in the deepest of mourning for her mother. Now her family has moved back so her father can seek employment after being laid off. To help save money, Marlene works at the hardware store owned by Rudy Swarey’s…

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Tell Her No Lies

Even the most admired families have secrets to hide . . . Nina Fischer carries a camera wherever she goes—so she can view life through a filter. Safely. After her mother abandoned her to the streets, Nina has kept people at a distance, including her uncle, who adopted Nina and her sister. Wealthy…

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Through the Autumn Air

The past filled her mind even as her heart yearned for stories yet to be told… The mother of ten and a widow of seven years, Mary Katherine is a bundle of energy, always willing to step in and help her friends around her Amish community. Now that her last child is married, she pours her abundant creative…

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An Amish Heirloom

A Legacy of Love by Amy Clipston Local volunteer fire fighter Leon King agrees to repair his ex-girlfriend Susie Bontrager’s grandparents’ antique rocking chairs for her future home with her fiance and is forced to acknowledge that his feelings for her have not quite gone away. As Susie spends time…

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Beneath the Summer Sun

It’s been four years since Jennie’s husband died in a farming accident. Long enough that the elders in her Amish community think it’s time to marry again for the sake of her seven children. What they don’t know is that grief isn’t holding her back from a new relationship. Fear is. A terrible…

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An Amish Christmas Love: Four Novellas

Winter Kisses by Beth Wiseman Three generations of Stoltzfus women are all living under the same roof. At twenty-five, Naomi has never been married, and both her mother, Barbara, and her grandmother, Ruth, have recently been widowed. Each nursing broken or lonely hearts, they also each have potential…

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Upon a Spring Breeze

Bess Weaver, twenty and expecting her first child, is in the kitchen making stew for her beloved mann, Caleb, one minute, and the next she’s burying him after a tragic accident. Facing life as a young widow, Bess finds comfort only in tending the garden at an Englisch-owned bed and breakfast—even…

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The Saddle Maker's Son (The Amish of Bee County)

Rebekah Lantz feels imprisoned by circumstances she didn’t create. Tobias Byler is haunted by regret. Can two young runaways from half a world away teach them the healing power of true family? Rebekah isn’t like her sister who left the Amish faith, but the watchful gaze of her family and small,…

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An Amish Christmas Gift: Three Amish Novellas

A Christmas Visitor by Kelly Irvin Frannie Mast returns to Bee County for Christmas, but her heart stays back in Missouri with an Englisch farm boy. Frannie knows her parents have the best of intentions when they send her back to Bee County, Texas, to live with her aunt Abigail and her husband Mordecai.…

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The Bishop's Son (The Amish of Bee County)

Two men offer Leila two very different futures. Will she choose with her heart or with her faith? Leila Lantz has been in love with Jesse Glick from the day she first saw him at his father’s store, but she can’t make sense of his intentions. One day he wants to come courting, the next he seems to…

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The Beekeeper's Son (The Amish of Bee County)

A strange, mystical place allows Deborah and Phineas to see themselves and others with new eyes. When Deborah Lantz arrives in Bee County, Texas, she expects to find a great oasis of citrus groves and olive trees. Instead, she finds a tiny Amish district struggling to make ends meet on a barren, drought-stricken…

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A Plain Love Song (The New Hope Amish)

Kelly Irvin, author of the Bliss Creek Amish series, brings the story of the New Hope Amish to a dramatic conclusion in A Plain Love Song. Adah Knepp wants nothing more than to make music. It's all she's ever desired--to sing and play the guitar and write her own songs. That's a dream that will never…

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Love Redeemed (The New Hope Amish)

In the second book of the New Hope Amish series, acclaimed author Kelly Irvin spins a tale of romance, grief, and redemption deep in Amish country. Phoebe Christner is thrilled when the families of her close-knit Amish community decide to spend a week at the lake. She feels she's earned a break...and…

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Love Still Stands (The New Hope Amish)

Readers of Kelly Irvin's Bliss Creek Amish novels will be overjoyed to discover her new series for lovers of Amish fiction: The New Hope Amish. In the first installment, Love Still Stands, a group of dedicated families leaves Bliss Creek to establish a new community in Missouri. Among them is Bethel…

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Love's Journey Home

Helen Crouch has been a widow and single parent of four children for six years. She has come to believe it’s God’s plan that she not remarry. Otherwise why would He not put a good Plain man in her life? Gabriel Gless, a widower with eight children, lost his wife shortly after the birth of their…

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A Heart Made New

In the second novel of Kelly Irvin’s Bliss Creek Amish series, readers will be delighted to return to a town and a family they’ve already come to love. Annie Shirack is trying to fight her feelings for David Plank, a young Amish man who’s struggling with an aggressive case of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.…

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To Love and To Cherish

How Do You Forgive When Your Heart Is Broken? It’s been four years since Carl left. Four years since he left the safety of the small Amish community for the Englisch world. And in four years, Emma’s heart has only begun to heal. Now, with the unexpected death of her parents, Emma is plunged back…

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No Child of Mine

On a blazing South Texas day dozens of law enforcement officers, family, and friends gather to celebrate a wedding. Detective Deborah Smith is happy for the couple, but she’s fighting a loneliness that makes her long for her best friend—whiskey. Then the unthinkable happens. Colleague Daniel Martinez’s…

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A Deadly Wilderness

An idyllic hike in a wilderness park turns deadly when Homicide Detective Ray Johnson tumbles into a ravine and lands on a corpse The victim’s ring finger has been severed, turning Ray’s misstep into a murder investigation. Ray’s determination to find the man’s killer leads him to the wealthiest…

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