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Ann Gaylia O'Barr

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Have written church curriculum material and short stories for Christian publications. Served as a Foreign Service officer with the U.S. Department of State from 1990 through 2004.

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Tender Shadows

Caught between the guilt of the past and present choices, might they find what they long for most forgiveness and love? When Beth Wilhite s U.S. State Department job assigns her to an uncaring Washington, D.C. following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, her intense loneliness leads her to make decisions that…

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A Sense of Mission

Kaitlin Sadler is nine when her diplomat parents are killed in a U.S. embassy bombing. She must leave the overseas world she knows to live with her guardian, Matilda, on Simon Island in Puget Sound. Determined to redeem the tragedy of her parents’ deaths, Kaitlin makes a binding decision to become…

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Distant Thunder

Single mother Brooke Rohmer takes a cross-country train trip when her only child leaves for the Army and possible combat duty in Afghanistan. Bitterly she remembers her former husband’s abandonment of her and her son. Though she longs for a change in her life, her choices, in middle age, seem limited.…

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Searching for Home

Two years have passed since the death of Hannah Forbes' fiance. As she visits a friend on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, excitement stirs for the frist time since Vance's murder. When she meets the handsome, ambitious U.S. diplomat Patrick Holtzman, her drive to return to her safe job in Nashville…

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Quiet Deception

Todd Edwards, the much-loved son of a minister, and Byron White, who suffered from an abusive father, grew up together under the tutelage of Todd's father in the changing culture following the Second World War. Both settle into professorships at Adair University, but Byron's actions cause resentment…

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Singing in Babylon

Recent grad Kate McCormack, saddled with college debt, has limited options…until she accepts an offer to teach English in Saudi Arabia.Plunged into a foreign world, she’s homesick and lonely, stuck in a gilded prison where women aren’t even allowed to walk around the block by themselves. The future…

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