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Christine Sunderland

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Award-winning author Christine Sunderland has been interested in matters of belief since the age of sixteen when her father, a Presbyterian minister, lost his faith. She serves today as Managing Editor of the American Church Union. She has edited and written numerous parish materials for children, and seven children's novellas set in France and San Francisco (see She has written three novels set in Western Europe published by OakTara: Pilgrimage, Offerings, and Inheritance, based on her extensive travels. The stories explore Christian faith and practice, healing of body and soul, and the sanctity of life. Offerings won the Bronze Medal, Independent Publishers Award for 2010. Also published by OakTara are Hana-lani(2010),set in Hawaii, and The Magdalene Mystery, about a quest for the true Mary Magdalene, set in Rome and Provence (2013).

Christine holds a B.A. in English Literature, and is an alumnus of the Squaw Valley Writers Workshop and the Maui Writers Retreat. Her extended family includes eight grandchildren, three nieces and one nephew. She lives with her husband and two incredible cats, Lady Jane and Laddie, and is actively involved in her local parish. She feels blessed to write about the joy of being an everyday Christian.

Books by Author

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The Fire Trail

SHE FOUND THE BLOODY BODY AND SAW THE MURDERER'S FACE - WILL SHE EVER BE SAFE? U.C. Berkeley grad student Jessica Thierry walks the Fire Trail in the hills and witnesses a rapist-murderer leave the scene. Fearing for her life, she tries to focus on her doctorate about Christianity’s role in Berkeley's…

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The Magdalene Mystery

Ten years ago a gunman opened fire in a parking lot, killing her parents. No one ever found out why. But a trip to Rome might reveal the truth. Thirty-year-old Kelly Roberts receives a mysterious envelope from her late godfather, director of a news service dedicated to exposing media lies, summoning…

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Only opening their hearts will keep them from plunging into the dark abyss. Old Nani-lei lives in Hana-lani, her family home in rural Hawaii. She looks after her grandson Henry, 52, and his daughter Lucy, 6, who have returned to Maui from Berkeley after the death of Maria, Henry's wife. Henry and Maria,…

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She risked everything to save a life… But who would save hers? Vietnamese-American Victoria Nguyen, seventeen, flees to England with a powerful secret…and a determined senator on her trail. Madeleine Seymour, a history professor, and her husband, Jack, a retired wine broker, travel from San Francisco…

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Jack’s haunted by fears of the past. Madeleine holds a powerful secret. And Rachelle is running away. For the last seventeen years, her husband, Jack, and son, Justin, have been Madeleine Seymour’s world. Then, during Justin’s wedding reception, Jack collapses. Jack needs surgery, and he insists…

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It was a day when nothing should have gone wrong...but everything did. Madeleine Seymour will never forget what happened twenty-two years ago in her own backyard. She's still riddled with guilt. Hoping to banish the nightmares that haunt her and steal her peace, she travels to Italy with her husband,…

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