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Sandra Dionne Moore

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S. Dionne Moore resides in the rolling hills of Cumberland Valley, PA--a transplanted city girl and glad of it! She enjoys ferreting out little-known historical details and crafting a story around them. She is a three time Carol Award finalist, and in 2011 she was named a Barbour Publishing Favorite New Author.

Her new release, Brides of Wyoming, is an anthology of three historical romances releasing November 2016. Discover more about her at

Books by Author

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Brides of Wyoming: 3-in-1 Historical Romance Collection (50 States of Love)

Roam the Wyoming range alongside three couples who meet under danger from bands of outlaws. Renee escapes a gang of outlaws and lands in the arms of a sheepherder. Olivia’s sleuthing upturns secrets key to solving the murder of a reluctant rancher’s father. Maira is trying to keep her ranch running…

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A Heartbeat Away

When a band of runaway slaves brings Union-loyal Beth Bumgartner a wounded Confederate soldier named Joe, it is the catalyst that pushes her to defy her pacifist parents and become a nurse during the Battle of Antietam. Her mother's mysterious goodbye gift is filled with quilt blocks that bring comfort…

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Valley of the Heart

Maria Cullen is at her wit's end. After her young son, Levi, wanders off alone on the range, widowed Maria imagines the worst…and is grateful beyond words when Tanner Young finds the boy and brings him safely home. But although she is thankful for Tanner's good deed, she's not sure she can trust his…

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Promise Brides

Love is the same, no matter when, no matter where-it never comes without sacrifice. Theodore risks capture for Ellie, but will their hope for a future together be defeated? Can Marylu trust Chester, or is she asking for another broken heart? Will Alaina and Jack find common ground, or will flood waters…

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Promise of Time

Ellie Lester sees time stretching endlessly after the death of her husband in the war that is tearing her country apart. She manages to find some purpose in helping slaves escape through the Underground Railroad. When her husband's cousin arrives, however, time seems to stand still. Is her heart awakening…

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Promise of Yesterday

Escaping the horrors of slavery, Chester Jones returns home after many years. After meeting the enigmatic Marylu, sparks fly as he gently pushes his way into her heart. As love blossoms, secrets from Marylu s past arise, causing her to question her newfound feelings. And then what about those rumors…

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Promise of Tomorrow

Alaina just needs Jack to love her. So why won't he realize that all she wants is to get married and begin a new life together? She doesn't need a large home or new clothes. She only needs him to actually spend time with her and show how much he loves her. Jack Kelly loves Alaina. Why can't she realize…

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Polly Dent Loses Grip

Polly Dent loses grip on the treadmill and takes a fatal spill that’s ruled an accident. Helping her mother-in-law move into Bridgeton Towers Assisted Living, but the scars from LaTisha Barnhart’s surgically removed bunions tell her something’s afoot. The residents’ gossip is revealing all kinds…

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Murder on the 'Ol Bunions

LaTisha Barnhart’s bunions tell her something’s afoot as she delves deeper into the murder of her former employee, Marion Peters. When LaTisha becomes a suspect, the ante is upped, and she is determined to clear her name and find the culprit. She’s burping Mark Hamm’s bad cooking to investigate…

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