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Kathleen D. Bailey

Author Bio:

Kathleen Bailey is a journalist and novelist with 40 years’ experience in the nonfiction, newspaper and inspirational fields. Born in 1951, she was a child in the 50s, a teen in the 60s, a young adult in the 70s and a young mom in the 80s. It’s been a turbulent, colorful time to grow up, and she’s enjoyed every minute of it and written about most of it.
Bailey’s work includes both historical and contemporary fiction, with an underlying thread of men and women finding their way home, to Christ and each other. Beginning in 2019, she published the Western Dreams series with Pelican/White Rose, beginning with “Westward Hope” and concluding in July 2022 with “Redemption’s Hope.” She also writes nonfiction local history for Arcadia Publishing. Her first contemporary Christmas story, “Hilltop Christmas,” debuted Nov. 15, 2023 from Elk Lake Publishing.
She lives in New Hampshire with her husband David. They have two grown daughters.
For more information, contact her at or Kathleen D. Bailey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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