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Jennifer Carr

Author Bio:

Having always enjoyed books, writing, and daydreaming, Jennifer wanted to know what it would feel like to combine the three and write a book. Once she started writing, everything changed. Within a matter of months, she had multiple projects started and found a love for writing in a way she never knew was possible.
Married to her childhood best friend and the mom of a creative daughter, Jennifer enjoys the quiet life on their farm in Alabama, baking, and reading romance novels.

Books by Author

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The Lost & Found

In the small quiet town of Owenston, Kentucky, former FBI agent Mark Collins has found a new purpose as the county Sheriff. Married and enjoying the prospect of becoming a father for a second time, Mark's life seems picture-perfect. But when a series of petty thefts turns into a murder investigation,…

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No Matter What

Jess Hayley has always had an uncanny ability to read people, to see beyond their words. As a consultant for government agencies, her gift for discerning thoughts and emotions through body language and microexpressions has made her an invaluable asset. But when she meets Bryan Carsen, a member of the…

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