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F D. Adkins

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F. D. Adkins is a Christian fiction author and freelance writer. Her hope is to pass along the comfort that comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus while offering her readers a brief escape from life’s struggles through an action-packed story full of suspense, twists, turns, love, and a few laughs. In other words, her passion is sharing her faith through fiction.
She currently has two Christian Suspense Thriller novels, TRUTH IN THE NAME and TRUTH IN THE WORD. She has also had two freelance articles published in Focus on the Family magazine. In addition, F. D. Adkins posts every Monday to a faith blog on her website.
She has been married to the man of her dreams and her best friend for twenty-four years. She loves spending time with her family, reading, and writing, and she always enjoys a good cup of coffee. She also has a soft spot in her heart for all animals especially dogs.
She lives in South Carolina with her husband, Steve, their two teenage children, Landon and Layna, and their dog, Lucy.

Books by Author

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Truth in the Word

After escaping from President Dennis Denali’s facility and stopping his evil plot to create a world with no knowledge of God, Ellie Hatcher is finally living the life of her dreams—married to Steve, reunited with her sister, Eileen, and starting a new job with the FBI. But when outbreaks of violence…

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Truth in the Name

What if someone erased your memory? Would you still know God? President Denali’s war on crime has eliminated most criminals, but not all. When he goes after the rest, he creates his own personal army. But at what cost? Ellie Hatcher is tapped for a role in this secretive sect. She must leave all behind…

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