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Judy Kelly

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Judy Kelly is an award-winning author. Her newest novel, the third, The Attractiveness of Wisdom has already won two awards – The Independent Press Award, 2022, and The New York, Big Book Award, 2022. Her second novel, Blessings and Curses, is a Finalist in the Readers Favorite Award for 2020, and the Top Ten Most Popular Novels at the Frankfort, Sharjah, and Guadalajara International Book Fairs, 2018. Her first novel, That Ever Died So Young, is a finalist in Somerset Literary and Contemporary Fiction Award for 2014. She presents at conferences, libraries, and meetings, holds membership in several organizations, and teaches fiction writing at Montgomery College, and Frederick Community College. Judy Kelly is also an adjunct professor at Montgomery College where she has taught speech, college reading and English. She enjoys walking, live theatre, movies, and museums. But her favorite pastimes are reading and writing.

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The Attractiveness of Wisdom

After a tumultuous marriage and a struggle to keep it together, Hamilton, a university dean, sets out on a perilous emotional journey to change his life and seek the love he's always wanted. Hamilton meets Franny, a troubled dance teacher, and accepts her job offer of organizer in her studio. When Franny…

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Blessings and Courses

Olivia Douglass is undecided about becoming a priest even after she has completed seminary. She is adopted and for most of her life she has had a curse over her. In order to help her find out whether she is led to the priesthood, her parish priest gives her an assignment - to pray with an inmate on…

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