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Linda J. White

Author Bio:

Linda J. White writes "white-knuckle fiction," FBI and K-9 Search and Rescue thrillers with a twist of faith. Her late husband worked at the FBI academy for nearly thirty years. Linda's books have won a HOLT Medallion, and have been finalists for the HOLT and Selah awards, as well as winning Readers' Choice awards. A former editorial writer, Linda now lives in Yorktown VA where she enjoys books, the beach, dogs, and playing with grandchildren.

Books by Author

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My Darkest Night

BOOK 4 IN THE K-9 SEARCH & RESCUE SERIES! Jessica Chamberlain and Luke are called to the site of a building collapse. Jess is shocked when she recognizes the injured victim buried in the rubble. Soon investigators connect the collapse with other bomb detonations. The FBI, ATF, and local officials…

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When Evil Finds Us

Jessica Chamberlain and her dog Luke search for an autistic boy, human remains in Norfolk, and a missing woman who is a suicide risk. But while they search, Jess and her friends must contend with the evil around them—a family entangled in porn, a long ago murder, and the abduction of a young woman.…

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The Fear That Chases Me

Jessica Chamberlain and her dog Luke hunt for lost people Virginia. But that’s a side hustle: Jess’s work as a private investigator pays the bills. Right now, she’s looking for a girl missing for twenty years and the truth about a man’s suicide. When someone runs her off the road and her house…

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All That I Dread

After a tragic loss, Jessica Chamberlain changes jobs, moves, and adopts a rowdy German shepherd. The two begin training with a Virginia search-and-rescue group. The group's training director, Nathan Tanner, is a former military working dog handler with scars of his own and he quickly picks up on Jess's…

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Shocked by the murder of a friend, FBI Special Agent Kit McGovern vows to bring the killer to justice. Then the shooter kills again ... and again ... and again. Saddled with an unpredictable partner, and forced to put her personal life on hold, Kit doggedly pursues the sniper terrorizing Hampton Roads,…

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The Tiger’s Cage

FBI Special Agent Tom Donovan's life spins out of control when Angel Ramos, the drug lord Tom has been investigating, kidnaps Tom's eighteen-year-old son. While Kenny fights to survive, Tom doggedly tries to get him back. One rainy night, Tom's past collides with his present. At the moment of his deepest…

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Battered Justice

FBI Special Agent Jake Tucker works hard to be an excellent investigator and a great dad to his two kids, even if he is divorced. Having Cass McKenna as his partner helps with both goals. When a shot in the dark takes out a colleague, Jake and Cass set out to find the shooter. They discover a shadowy…

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Words of Conviction

2014 RWA Readers Choice Awards Finalist FIRST, Special Agent Mackenzie Graham arrests Senator Bruce Grable. Then she becomes his very best hope for getting his kidnapped daughter Zoe back alive. Kenzie is a forensic psycholinguist. She studies words. Can the language the kidnapper uses provide clues…

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Seeds of Evidence

FBI Special Agent Kit McGovern’s vacation to the beach is cut short when she finds the body of a young Latino boy. D.C. homicide detective David O’Connor joins her as she pursues the boy’s killer using their only clues: plant DNA from the acorns in the little boy’s pockets.

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Bloody Point

Grieving FBI Special Agent Cassidy McKenna leaves the Bureau and retreats to a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay. When her former partner, Jake, is assaulted and her marina is torched, Cass decides to find the perpetrator before she, herself, becomes a victim.

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