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Cheryl S. Birch

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Cheryl’s love for books started at age ten when the library’s “book-mobile” parked in her neighborhood. Sci-fi and fantasy swept her away from the boredom of Minnesota winters and too many rainy mosquito summers. Challenging weather was part of the reason she and her "high school sweetheart" husband decided to move to California. They now live in the Central Valley among the almond and peach trees with their two rescue cats. Cheryl says her 14-pound gray kitty loves to read books with her and he’s her writing buddy but the other one is too snobbish to join in. Before discovery of her true calling—a fulltime writing career—she did a plethora of things including retail management, small business owner, District Director for a California State Senator, Founder and President of a nonprofit corporation, and ten years as a local Pastor/Ministry Leader. However, being a volunteer, helping others succeed, especially children, has been the heartbeat of her life. Now, sharing her God inspired poems and stories has become her passion and an exciting and wonderful way of blessing others.

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Thatcher... and so it Begins

One day in the innocuous farming village of Thatcher, a baby girl is born—not just any baby girl, but one of destiny and purpose unlike anything seen in hundreds of years. Her arrival sets into motion a series of unusual and far-reaching events as powerful unseen forces of good and evil wage war over…

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