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Angela D. Shelton

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Introducing Angela D. Shelton, healthcare accountant during the work week, farmer in the evenings and weekends, now moonlighting as an author of the new and upcoming Collapse novels.

Born and raised in Erie County, Pennsylvania, Angela moved to Georgia just seven short years ago where she added the title of farmer to her resume. She lives on Two Oaks Ranch with her husband, Tom, two huskies, a dozen chickens, and a herd of Angus cows. Faith and family are her most important assets in life and in her writing.

Calling on her experience on her farm in small-town Georgia, Angela also drew on her husband’s military and law enforcement understanding, and her own healthcare connections to create her new series of books. The stories revolve around in a small-town Georgia family who turn to farming just in the nick of time to be self-sufficient when the supply chains in the world collapse.

Ms. Shelton is a member of the Christian Indie Publishing Association, the American Christian Fiction Writers, and Word Weavers International. The first book in the series, Collapse: The Death of Friendship will be available soon.

Books by Author

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Collapse: The Death of Independence

If malnutrition doesn’t kill seventeen-year-old Olivia, her search for security just might. Basic survival is the goal for most after the apocalypse strikes. So, when Olivia’s father abandons her with relatives who can barely feed themselves, the resentment is obvious. Hungry for something more…

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Downfall: A Collapse Series Prequel

The only thing anyone wants to talk about lately is the stupid virus that’s making people sick around the globe. But thirteen-year-old Lizzy Tilbrook has bigger things on her mind, like winning her class presidency. It’s the first stepping-stone in her plan to get into Yale. Then she’ll capture…

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Collapse: The Death of Honor

In a collapsing society, former quarterback Caleb Worthington is no longer a teenager with a secret in his past, but a man searching for his future. But when a blackmailer uses his mistakes against him, his nightmares take over reality. Now, trying to safeguard everything the Worthingtons stand for,…

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Collapse: The Death of Friendship

In a collapsing society, former cheerleader Jan Worthington aches for the exciting—normal—life she’s lost. But when she invites a young boy into their home to fill an empty heart once full of friends, her trust leads to the theft of the family’s most valuable survival asset. Now, she can’t…

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