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Terry Phillip Garner

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Terry Garner is an ex-Marine with a forty year career in manufacturing/finance. Terry at the time of this writing has been a follower of Jesus Christ for twenty-three years, and taught in the college ministry of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, OK for fifteen years. Terry taught primarily Old Testament and has written commentaries on Isaiah and Judges. He is married to his lovely wife Sherry, and has three children. Terry is an avid reader of historical fiction and scripture.

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Magi Journey - Assyria

MAGI JOURNEY – ASSYRIA is the first in a three-book series that follows a Family of Chaldean Magi from the court of Tiglath—Pileser III, King of Assyria in 734 BC, to Bethlehem in -0- BC. Through the eyes of the Magi, we see the history of prophecy, judgment, and redemption unfold. In book one,…

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