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Marcus Coles

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I have been writing novels for a few years ago but have only recently started to make an effort to, 'get them out there.' It is quite a daunting prospect but I think I am starting to get the hang of it. My first novel was a YA murder-mystery adventure set aboard the Titanic. In 2017 I set about writing an epic saga set in the first century AD. It follows a Roman soldier, Jewish Pharisee, ordinary young man and a mother and daughter. Their stories intertwine and as the story progresses they get closer and closer to an encounter with Jesus. At 250,000 words, I realised it was probably too long for most readers. This year I have been editing it to make it work as a trilogy. The first in the series is called The Breaking Dawn. I loved writing it and am excited for people to read it. I have also written some adventure novels where my main characters go in search of long-lost Biblical artefacts. These will release in 2022.

I love reading too, particularly historical novels, gothic fiction and classics. I also read history books which is what I have rearmost of. I have only discovered novels in the last few years. My favourite author is Agatha Christie and my favourite novel is The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas.

I am a History teacher in the North East of England. When I am not casting pearls before swine, I am reading, writing, watching sport or out with the family. I have been married nearly fourteen years and have three children aged seven, nine and eleven.

I am active in my local church. During the recent lockdowns, I enjoyed filming short bible studies and lessons from church history for people.

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The Breaking Dawn

It is the first century AD and the iron grip of the Roman Empire is tightening around the lands of the Great Sea. Varius is a young Roman soldier, satisfied with his comfortable life in the Eternal City. When he is thrust from the family home, he ends up on a ship bound for Egypt. Here he will garrison…

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