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Scott B. Delaney

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When Delaney is not managing Unichem Pharmaceuticals, he spends much of his time writing Christian Fiction. Scott's suspense-packed, thriller novels center around spiritual warfare in today's world. With a writing style somewhat similar to Frank Peretti (This Present Darkness/Piercing The Darkness), Delaney takes readers on a wild ride through scary, but real world situations. Angels and Demons are on full display in these epic battles of good versus evil. Scott's first book was recently recognized as a Finalist in the Christian Fiction category by the Next Generation Indie Book Awards program in 2020. His breakout second book, 'The Tiger's Eye, Angels in Mumbai', launched on Memorial Day in 2021.

Books by Author

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The Tiger's Eye, Angels in Mumbai

Four years after the events that took place in Delaney's first book, 'The Shaft', the Global Calling organization is now making a dynamic impact across India. As they host the largest ministry event in their history, with over one hundred thousand worshipers in a crowded Mumbai cricket stadium, a radical…

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The Shaft, A Supernatural Thriller

It is December 2017 and a sweeping religious movement is gaining traction in the United States. As spiritual leaders diligently work to spread the Word of God to the people, liberal factions in the world of pharmaceutical and scientific development create a secret society with a dark mission: to thwart…

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