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Andrea Byrd

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As a Christian wife and mom in located in rural Kentucky, Andrea Byrd has a deep affinity for an old-fashioned, natural lifestyle. Often described as having been born outside my time, she loves to spend time with her family in the great outdoors, one with nature.

With a degree in Equine Health & Rehabilitation gathering dust and a full-time job tethering me to a desk eight hours a day, Andrea decided it was high time to invoke change in her life. To show her children it is truly possible to make your dreams come true, she dove into the role of Christian Romance author with her debut series, Smoky Mountain Romance.

Books by Author

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Smoky Mountain Embers

God had different plans for Cade and Lucille -- plans which did not include one another. Yet, here they are... in each other's lives... their old stomping ground up in flames. As devastation threatens, can the two overcome their differences to survive the tragedy? Will they discover that God had a plan…

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Smoky Mountain Redemption

When Amelia Larsen is rescued from a literal firestorm, she comes to the realization that it is time to change her ways. No longer can she be the philandering socialite of her past. But is a new like truly possible for someone with her checkered background? Could a handsome police officer like Luke…

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