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Mark Wainwright

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Mark Wainwright has edited over 100 manuscripts, coached dozens of authors, and shepherded 500+ projects through the publications process during his 16+ years in Christian publishing.

Dr. Charles Ryrie, William MacDonald, Ken Fleming, Donald Norbie, Chuck Gianotti, Fred Kosin, Karen Davis, David Glock, Amy Hernandez, E.M. Welcher, and many other authors have appreciated Mark’s editorial skills and project management expertise. Yet, perhaps even more, they treasure his genuine interest in helping them connect with readers.

Today’s audiences demand more than a few sentences of preachy application at the end of a novel or devotional. They yearn for stories that weave universal themes through the dynamic experiences of relatable characters. Mark has helped numerous authors accomplish precisely this.

His academic training includes a bachelor’s degree in English / Commercial Writing as well as a master’s in English with a writing concentration. For two semesters, Mark studied under the direction of Dr. Michael Dirda, Pulitzer Prize-winning book columnist for The Washington Post. During these years of academic training, Mark worked as a textbook editor, writing tutor, and technology web writer.

Next, Mark traveled half way across the world where he began managing the editorial department at Christian Books Melanesia, the largest Christian publisher in Papua New Guinea. There he helped develop more than 100 publications that pointed people to God's Word for Christian growth.

In 2004, Mark moved to the Midwest where he began working with Emmaus Worldwide, the largest Christian publisher of correspondence Bible studies (distributing 1.4 million each year). Although hired as communications coordinator, Mark demonstrated leadership abilities and consistently exceeded expectations. Under his guidance, publishing output and revenue flourished. By the time he departed, Mark had risen to publications and communications director, overseeing all editorial content and marketing activities.

But after development of hundreds of books, Bible studies, and other reprinted resources, Mark recognized that only a few of his published authors were under 40 years old. Although he tried to find younger authors who could meaningfully connect with today's younger generation, those writers were noticeably absent.

And so when a faculty position at Pensacola Christian College opened up in 2017, Mark recognized that the timing wasn't coincidental. The Lord was directing him to invest in the younger generation that could continue influencing lives through print and digital resources.

Mark now serves as Professional Writing faculty, teaching a variety of courses including Creative Writing, Copywriting, Grammar and Composition, Advanced Copy Editing, and Writing for Publication. Additionally, Mark has helped develop an interactive high school Writing Camp. He currently serves as Writing Camp director.

His writing credits include publication in textbooks, newspapers, magazines, and literary journals. He's recognized as an outstanding editor, writer, and contributor. Abeka, one of the largest publishers of Christian school resources in the world, published Mark's novel "Trapped in a Hot Air Balloon" in June 2021.

Mark remains passionate about using his writing, editing, and publishing skills for the glory of God. He encourages his Professional Writing students to courageously engage and impact their communities—and even people across the world—through the power of writing.

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Trapped in a Hot Air Balloon

When a hot air balloon ride goes terribly wrong, siblings Jenny and Cole find themselves soaring thousands of feet into the cold Colorado sky. In the basket of the enormous balloon, they must overcome their differences and safely land the runaway hot air balloon. This unforgettable flight will captivate…

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