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Don Edward Cook

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I was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on July 15, 1962. I decided to become a writer late in life (at age 55). My faith in God and my love for both freedom and science fiction has resulted in my novel "Ithyanna, Last Daughter of Atlantis, Book I: How the World Ended Millennia Ago", which is based on my Fanshawe College AFM capstone short film The Last Atlantean (2009), Creationist research into Noah's Flood, and how the story of fall of Atlantis folds well into the Genesis account of the Flood. I currently reside in London, Ontario, Canada.

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Ithyanna: Last Daughter of Atlantis Book I: How the World Ended Millennia Ago

IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, IN AN ANCIENT WORLD OF ANXIETY... Noah warned the world about the coming flood -- yet no one listened. No one that is, except for an attractive Atlantean telepathic wunderkind-scientist named Ithyanna. Based on hard scientific data, signs and omens of total worldwide destruction…

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