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Joan Hetzler

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Author of the Megan O'Connell mystery series, Joan Hetzler has been a freelance writer and editor for over twenty-five years. Her creative writing experience includes plays, poems, short stories, humor, memoir, and classic mystery novels. For eight years, she produced and hosted The Writers Show, a radio program devoted to writers and their readers at a local college station.

Books by Author

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Relative Truth: A Megan O'Connell Mystery Book 2

Is the truth too old fashioned to be believed? Or will the truth set free a popular pastor accused of killing a former church member? In book two of the Megan O’Connell Mysteries, Megan investigates to find out if a mega church pastor was framed for the murder of a deacon who became wealthy preaching…

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Pious Deception: A Megan O'Connell Mystery

Megan O'Connell is an overworked journalist who returns home to Atlanta, Georgia, for a peaceful visit with friends and some quiet time in her church. Instead she finds a friend being blackmailed and agrees to help by going undercover to find the blackmailer in a very secure, very secret software company…

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