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KC Hart

Author Bio:

KC Hart is the author of humorous southern cozies with a Christian worldview. KC lives in Mississippi with Mr. Wonderful, her husband of thirty-seven years. She spends her days enjoying the grandkids, reading, writing, playing her piano, guitar and banjo. One of her favorite things to do is sit on the back porch and eat watermelon before the mosquitos come out to play. KC's favorite Bible passage is Philippians 2:4-8.

The Katy Cross Cozy Mystery Series is based on the many small towns that KC has lived in over the years, but thankfully none of them have been plagued with high murder rate Skeeterville seems to have developed.

Books by Author

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Merry Murder and Small Town Santas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas as Katy Cross, along with the other fine folks in Skeeterville, celebrate Santa Shopping Days dressed from head to toe in their finest Kris Kringle attire. Merry soon turns to scary, however, when a Santa is found dead on the floor at Sweet-Ums Bakery. Katy…

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Memories, Murder and Small Town Money

Katy Cross, Skeeterville's favorite home health nurse, knows better than to try to buy groceries on Senior Citizen Saturday at The Pig. The denture cream crowd has turned the parking lot into a game of bumper cars, but when Katy finds a body thrown away in the dumpster behind the store, this geriatric…

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Medicine, Murder and Small Town Scandal

When the meanest man in Skeeterville drops dead at his mailbox, no one suspects foul play until Katy Cross stumbles across a skeleton from his past... literally. Trying to be a good neighbor lands Katy in the middle of a twenty-year secret crime spree, ran by one-man-mafia, Jack Redd. Jack spent his…

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Music, Murder and Small Town Romance

Katy Cross, Skeeterville's favorite home health nurse, cannot figure out how her little band, The Moonlighters, snagged a spot in the town's yearly Battle of the Bands concert. But this mystery soon takes second fiddle when a body is found in the high school auditorium during practice for the competition.…

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Moonlight, Murder and Small Town Secrets (Preview)

Katy Cross is more than Skeeterville's favorite home health nurse, she's also the lead guitarist for her weekend band, The Moonlighters. Katy and the band land their biggest gig yet at the annual Peanut Patch Festival, but things hit a sour note when she stumbles across a body during mic check. When…

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