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Sarah Hanks

Author Bio:

Sarah Hanks has spent the last eight years delightfully merging her two main passions – writing and equipping children- by writing a variety of Sunday school curricula for churches in her community. She wrote her first novel when she was seventeen and continued to write fiction “on the side” until recently deciding to pursue writing professionally. She and her husband have eight children of their own, a couple of whom seem to have inherited their mother’s love for playing with words and crafting stories. Though Sarah dreams of a cabin by the beach, the family of ten lives together in beautiful chaos in St. Charles, Missouri. She buys ear plugs in bulk.

Books by Author

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Mercy's Legacy

After being released from prison, DeAndre struggles to make a new life for himself and his family. But when his past shows up in the doorway of his art studio, begging for a place in his heart and life, he is forced to make decisions that will alter his life forever. Nine-year-old Mercy has questions…

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Mercy's Song

Natassa has settled into a "new normal" three years after the assault that changed her life. Marriage, family, and a new career have brought changes that she never thought were possible, and love like she'd never known before. But any semblance of peace shatters when a new development occurs…

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Mercy Will Follow Me

Natassa seems to have it all – a devoted husband with a good income, beautiful children, a faithful best friend- but it only takes one night for her world to crumble, catapulting her into a journey of trauma and healing, old pressures and new friendships. Will she learn to stand her ground or will…

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