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Janet L. Rowe Ph.D

Author Bio:

Dr. Janet L Rowe (Walker) has her PhD in Christian Counseling, and her MSW from the University Of Pennsylvania. She is a Licensed Christian Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and retired Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor;she has forty years of counseling experience.
While working with school age youth, she was inspired to write the "Brave 'Little' Boy Series." Books One and Two were published; however, the publisher closed.
Book 2, "Andy and the Bully" Revised, has been released and Book 1 Revised will be released in 2020. The Books are fiction but deal with reality situations.

Books by Author

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Andy and the Bully, Book 2 Revised

The Brave "Little" Boy Series is fiction, but the problem situations are real in today's society. All of us have problems, but how do we decided to deal with them? Read "Andy and the Bully, Book 2, Revised" and find out how Andy decided to work through his problem with the classroom…

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