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D. L. Lane

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D.L. Lane is a wife, musician, a graduate of Liberty University, and a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. In 2010 she walked away from the day job and started a writing career using a pen name. As far as the world was concerned, she was very successful writing romances, however, success aside, she knew she wasn’t on the right path but stubbornly kept on going for nine years. Although a Christian and raised in a religious home, D.L went her own way, leaving God out of her choices until He said, “Enough.”

Weary and seeking guidance, she finally listened and left the course she was on as an established novelist to take a new path—putting God first in her life where He always should have been.

Books by Author

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All I Ever Needed

He’s the beast lurking within the shadows. She’s the beauty living in the light. Cooper Kane, the big, bad Navy Seal, had it all—honor, respect, the love of a beautiful woman, the unbreakable bond with his team—but a crash cost him everything. Oh, he survived. His heart still pumped, he took…

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Then There Was You

​They grew up together, that boy with silver eyes and the girl with golden hair. Friends forever, or so they thought until their worlds came crashing down, teaching them a hard lesson. If you hurt the one you love, deliberately or not, your mistakes can be too monumental to overcome. For Gage Harrison…

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That Place Called Home

As children, they were best friends. ​In high school, they became so much more. Sometimes we need to leave behind what we know—the journey to somewhere, anywhere else calling us onward into the world, and so we go. In time we grow older, wiser, and perhaps more than a little world-weary. Eventually,…

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The Sinner in Mississippi

​I was born in a rundown house in a small parish outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, during one of the worst storms on record. It rained so much the banks of the Mississippi overflowed. For most families, bringing a new life into the world should be a time of great celebration. But giving birth to…

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