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Bryan Canter

Author Bio:

Bryan Canter enjoys bringing history alive for readers like you. To facilitate the realism and accuracy of his stories, he enjoys traveling to historical sites throughout the world and participating in activities which help him gain a personal understanding of what life was like. To this end, Bryan has participated in four archaeological digs in Israel and South Carolina. He currently trains in historical European martial arts (HEMA), with specific emphasis on Italian rapier and German longsword techniques from the 14th to 17th centuries. In 2018 Bryan spent six months in Scotland conducting research on 4th century Pictish people for a novel that is currently in progress. He documents his travel adventures on The History Vagabond blog site:

Books by Author

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The Bethany Tales

Stories Behind the Stories. Peer into the lives of four people from the village of Bethany-a harlot, a mistress, a beggar, and a leper-as their worlds interweave and collide. Throughout similar circumstances, they each have unique and personal encounters with Jesus. Along the way, they learn what it…

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