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Mary Gant Bell

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Mary Gant Bell began her writing career about fifteen years ago to give voice to the ideas rattling in her brain. She started with genealogy books and later Christian fiction romance novels. She married a man who craves adventure. Together they parent one daughter and a gaggle of attention-seeking cats. When Mary is not writing, she quilts or cleans seashells from her latest trip to the beach. She never learned to cook, so don’t show up at dinner time. She’d much rather chase her characters from chapter to chapter than preheat the oven.

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When Life Goes Viral

What really happens when a video featuring something you regret goes viral? All Greta wanted was an ice cream sundae. Instead, she became an overnight sensation. If she weren't such an extreme introvert with severe OCD issues, it might have been funny. But it's not. The woman who barely leaves her apartment,…

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