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Elsie Davis

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Sweet Happily-Ever-After Romance Author looking to share a little love in a great big world!

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Love & Liberty

Blinded by the past, it takes a little fate and great faith to be liberated and set free. Where you fly is up to you… After a bad divorce, Ashley returns to Hallbrook with her four-year-old son to regroup and start over. When her apartment catches fire and the fire department is called in, one of…

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Love & Hope

Sometimes chaos is all you need to shake things up and then see where life lands... Grace is all set to start her new job, at least she was until her cousin drops by hoping she’ll take care of her one-year-old daughter for a few weeks. Unable to have children of her own, Grace is tempted. The opportunity…

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Love & Chocolate

Some say Valentine’s Day is for lovers, while others prefer to think of it as February Fool’s Day. The question is, which one do you believe, and which one rules your heart? The Sweeter Side of Life bakery in Hallbrook is in financial trouble and Amanda is determined to save the business her mother…

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Love & Peace

Sam Wyatt goes to a cabin in Hallbrook each year at Christmas looking for solitude with the memories of his wife and daughter, who he lost in a car accident a few years ago. Except not long after he arrives, Megan Langley and her daughter take up residence and refuse to leave. A quick call to the rental…

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Love & Family

A small-town doctor, a woman determined to find answers, and the power of family. Will the truth finally bring peace to these troubled hearts? Dr. Jake Duncan is a busy man—what with being the local doctor, a member of the rescue squad, a volunteer with the GiddyUp Kids program, and most importantly,…

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Love & Order

A powerful attorney, a woman with a heart too big for her own good, and an instant family neither was prepared for...Garrett Bradley commands the attention of some of the most influential clients in the country as one of the leading corporate attorneys in New York City, but one phone call changes everything.…

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Defending Dakota

The picture of a man she vaguely knew splashed across the front of a tabloid shook Dakota Mitchell to the core. It might be thirteen years after she suffered the double trauma of having her home burglarized the same night her parents died in a car accident, but the man’s tattoo reawakened memories…

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Digging the Driver

As a professional race car driver, Lissa Walker is used to dealing with all sorts of threats. But when a dognapper starts targeting her hometown, she'll do anything to protect her corgi Bella—refusing to take chances. Even if that means hiring Damien Trent, an arrogant, too-smart-for-his-own-good…

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