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John M. Wills

Author Bio:

John began writing professionally after retiring from the FBI. He has published over sixty articles in both print media and online:



· Police & Security News

· Vegas Beat

· The Rap Sheet

· Law Enforcement Technology

· New American Truth

He is a former co-editor of "Suspense Thriller Zine," an electronic magazine dedicated to the best suspense and thriller short fiction online.

He has published a short story in Lt. Randy Sutton’s (Las Vegas Metro PD) latest book: “True Blue to Protect and Serve.” John is also an NCAA approved speaker explaining the dangers of steroids and other dangerous drugs.

He is a former Chicago Police Officer, and has written two Christian-themed police dramas, both part of the Chicago Warrior Thriller Series

Chicago Warriors Midnight Battles in the Windy City

Gripped By Fear

John offers a situational awareness class, LivSafe, which is available to schools, churches, civic organizations, and neighborhood groups.

He also is available to Law Enforcement agencies to present a two hour presentation on Officer Survival.

Books by Author

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Chicago Warriors Midnight Battles in the Windy City

Chicago Police Officer Pete Shannon’s life is about to take a dramatic turn. His wife has a dark secret that she’s about to reveal to him; his partner’s life is about to be in jeopardy, and worst of all one of his own colleagues will present him with one of the biggest challenges of his life.…

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